• Immigrants actually claim two times less benefits than “british” nationals
  • Immigrants do not actually have a significant impact on job wages
  • Immigrants contribute to the British economy more than they take out
  • “Health tourism” only takes up about 0.1% of the budget

Yes I agree, immigration does need some form of control so it doesnt go too far, but can Britain please stop acting like immigrants are some sort of rodents destroying Britain 

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I actually don't feel bad that Regina can't have children. She chose to drank that potion. She could have fooled Cora by faking it, but she chose to sterilize herself. I'm sure there were other forms of birth control in the EF, especially for a wealthy sorceress like Regina. It was a stupid decision in hindsight and Regina's prone to doing that.

I feel bad for her. It’s not as simple as a “she did this to herself” situation. She’s been hurt and manipulated by Cora and that kind of hatred runs deep (especially since she still also very much loves her mother). Regina has always wanted to be freed from Cora, and she’s certainly not above going to extremes to get that freedom. Consider it a testament to how much damage Cora has done to her that Regina would rather hurt herself (seemingly) permanently just to make sure Cora couldn’t keep messing with her. I get that Regina can sometimes be a difficult character to sympathize with, but her decision wasn’t stupid, it was desperate and I think that’s an important distinction.

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When Vegeta becomes an Oozaru, he remains cognizant. I can't tell or not if it's the same for Nappa? I didn't play tenkaichi, I've only seen him in xenoverse. I know that Nappa laughs sometimes when doing an attack, but usually just makes the unintelligible noises. I think I remember Vegeta saying only elite saiyans can control the form. Do you have any thoughts on whether or not a low class saiyan could control the form, and what sort of training it would entail for them to actually learn that?

I guess the whole thing depends on how powerful you are in base form. 

Put it this way: I can’t see the Saiyans teaching classes on how to retain sapience in Oozaru form.  They could only practice during a full moon, and as I recall that only happens once a century on Planet Vegeta.  The Saiyans seem to have a “sink or swim” attitude about things.  If you can retain your intelligence as a Great Ape, good for you, you’ll go far in this job.  If you can’t, too bad, we’ll tell you what happened in the morning when you change back.  Besides, even a mindless Oozaru tends to work in their favor during a battle.  From the Saiyan point of view, it’s win-win. 

Vegeta said the Oozaru form increases a Saiyan’s power tenfold.  I think Radditz clocked in somewhere around 1300, so that’d put his Ape form around 13,000.  Maybe that increase is too much for his mind to handle, and it shuts down.  But Vegeta exceeds 13,000 all the time, so he’s better equipped to handle the power increase whenever he transforms into an Ape. 

If I’m right on this, Nappa’s ability to control his Ape form is just a question of where the cutoff is, and what side of it he’s on.  In theory, if Goku’s tail grew back, he’d be able to retain his consciousness as an Ape, despite his past inability to do so. 

And all of this might explain the Saiyan fixation on strength.  Vegeta’s not just the prince because he’s so strong, it’s because he’s the smartest guy on the battlefield whenever there’s a full moon.    It’s not a question of brains over brawn.  For the Saiyans, they’re one and the same.

They Bella Swan’ed Black Widow.…

She was in to hardcore, I was in to rock and roll
She was in to girls it was her own form of birth control
She was smoking cigarettes and drinking before 5
She was wild, she was fine with being hungover all the time

I love her like La La La La La La La La La La…
I love her like La La La La La La La La La La…
I love her like hate, I love her like pain,
I need her like a picnic needs the rain
I love her like La La La La La La La La La La…

She loved drinking whiskey first thing in the morning,
She would start a fight, if you looked at her the wrong way
Everyday was Halloween a reason to rebel,
She was wild, she was fine with being bitter all the time!

Scourge Sisters

Sneak Peek Video 5 for EventPro 2014

Sneak Peek Video 5 for EventPro 2014

The 5th video in the EventPro 2014 Sneak Peek series looks at customization, demonstrating some of the many ways you can tailor the appearance and layout of EventPro 2014.

With the unprecedented flexibility of EventPro 2014, you can customize selection grids, form controls, event calendar text & hints, and more. With the ability to create and save multiple views, you can easily adjust the…

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Tensions remained high across Baltimore on Tuesday, from the West Baltimore neighborhoods where hundreds of protesters called for the prosecution of police to inside City Hall, where council members quizzed police brass looking for answers as to how Freddie Gray died in police custody.

Protesters turned out for a third consecutive day of demonstrations following Gray’s death, this time gathering at the intersection where Gray was arrested and marching to the Western District police station, where officers had pulled his unresponsive body out of a prisoner transport van.

The crowd chanted, prayed and demanded changes. Dirt bikers revved their engines and popped wheelies as they chugged through throngs of people, sending some scurrying. Mounted police and uniformed officers formed lines to keep control as camera crews filmed.

“Baltimore is on the map, nationally,” City Councilwoman Sharon Green Middleton said during an afternoon hearing with police. “It’s time for God to be with all of us and keep us safe and in prayer.”

Gray suffered a spinal cord injury while in police custody on April 12. He died seven days later. The lack of thorough explanations as to why he was stopped or how he was injured has roiled a city struggling with allegations of police brutality and racial issues as the nation wrestles with similar problems.

Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts sought to bolster confidence publicly and within the Police Department. He walked through the Gilmor Homes housing complex, where Gray was arrested, and spoke with residents, many of whom remain angry. The day before, he met with the officers involved in Gray’s arrest and sent an internal agency­wide email saying, “The facts, not emotion, will determine the outcome in this case.”

Six Baltimore officers remain suspended with pay pending the results of the police investigation. The number of investigations into Gray’s death grew to four on Tuesday: a criminal review that will be turned over to the state’s attorney’s office by May 1; an internal administrative investigation to determine if officers should be fired or disciplined; a review from an independent panel that Batts commissioned; and now, a civil rights investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.


I often see the claim that there’s a rule against Circle mages having a relationship or falling in love. Is there any evidence for that beyond a few statements from Anders? 

The wiki says this: 

Mages, because of their outsider status, are not bound to traditional social morals and consequently enjoy greater sexual freedom than most, though the exact degree varies from Circle to Circle. For example, Anders expressed surprise that Emile de Launcet of the Kirkwall Circle was still a virgin at 24, and noted that such a thing would be unheard of in the Fereldan Circle. Mages are discouraged (though not actually forbidden) from marrying and reproducing, as the offspring of mages are very likely to possess magical ability themselves. Dialogue betweenWynne and Alistair hints at some form of birth control or abortion being readily available to mages, perhaps to discourage the propagation of magically gifted children. If a mage does produce a child, it is taken from the parents at birth and raised under the supervision of the Chantry.
Those children who prove to have magical ability are immediately transferred to a Circle of Magi in another country, where they are taught to control their powers away from their birth parents. Mages (and non-mages) who do not wish to be separated from their children will sometimes conceal them from the Chantry and either train the child themselves (as Malcolm Hawke did) or hire an apostate as a tutor (as Arlessa Isoldehired Jowan to tutor Connor Guerrin).

Before you put your faith in reform through elections remember that the only political candidates you will see being given favorable exposure in the capitalist media are the ones who are considered to be the safest for the media’s ruling class owners. Anyone who would actually challenge the status quo in any meaningful way will be ridiculed, dismissed, demonized, and otherwise smeared by those talking heads to ensure that they are “unelectable.” The capitalist media determines who you will vote for and what you think about current issues and events by controlling what information you have available to form your opinions of them.

In 72 years, the Sun apparently moves 1 degree upon the Zodiacal elliptic, from one constellation to another,which corresponds to the 72 names of ‘Holy God’ in the holy Bible. The ‘Fibonocci Principle’ is represented by the sequence of mathematical numbers 1,1,2,3,5… which controls form manifestation (#Matrix ) in the dense world mimcking the Infinite (#PI ) Ratio. The number #26 represents the totality of cube. The cube has 6 sides, 8 corners, and 12 boundary lines totaling to 26 (6+8+12=26). The Solar Sun, which is represented by the number 6 is the Objective #Heart / #Mind of Solar Logos, known by the ancient Egyptians as the invisible spirit of ancient God #Horus riding between the wings of the flaming ‘#Phoenix Bird’, also known by #Hindu’s as Vishnu or Surya Narayna riding between the wings of Garuda, who is the supreme representation of the Solar Consciousness (#Spirit ) which also indwells in the human beings. The middle pillar of #Kabalistic Tree of life, mathematically represents number 26. The Gematria of the of Holy Tetragrammaton name “#YHVH ” is 26. There are 26 alphabets or differential tones of the celestial #sound AUM, which manifest creation. There are 26 alphabets in #English language. #Osiris was cut into 26 pieces. The stretched wings of Phoenix Bird represents the #magnetic energies of various planets while the vertical #electric energies of the Solar Sun rides its wings, making a Celestial Cross. The Right Eye (white #light practices) of Horus was considered as #Sun and the Left Eye (dark left hand practices) as #Moon , representing the white and black #magic . #cosmos #universe #supreme #truth #4biddenknowledge @theglobalmovement

espeonsweetie replied to your postCan you imagine a drunk Paul

Ok this made me imagine Paul just…refusing for himself to get drunk… like… he’s at the point where he should be… but he just refuses

It’s his ultimate form of self control. He’s had like 5 beers and he’s still just as stoic as ever. He like walks into a wall and he’s like “im fine, I just wasnt looking where I was going” and he like, trips over himself and is just like “my shoes were untied im fine”, and he pisses in the bushes and is like “Ash is taking forever in the bathroom”. Like he does drunk things but is completely aware that he’s doing them and has an excuse for all of them. And instead of getting a hangover he just trains harder to get it out of his system.

Glad Erin and Chad seem level headed and down to earth about having future children. saying that since she has high risk pregnancies they want to keep her healthy and have healthy babies. listen to what the doctors say and what is best for them. after reading that I think that if the Dr’s felt a form of birth control later was best for her health they would decide to use it.
Personal health update: endometriosis

It have finished my 6 months of Depo-Lupron injections, and I’m feeling good! So far, no signs of the endometriosis growing back.

In about 2 weeks, I’m going to get Nexplanon implanted in my arm (it’s a form of birth control). I’ll get it replaced every 3 years until I hit menopause. So yes, I won’t be able to have children.

Could I get pregnant? Maybe. But my uterus has so much scar tissue that even if I were to get pregnant, I’d most likely have a miscarriage.

Could I freeze my eggs for a surrogate? I could. But in the time between coming off treatment, and producing enough eggs to harvest could be just long enough for my natural estrogen levels to spike, bringing back the endometriosis. I’m still saving money for it; the option is still partially on the table.

So, that’s where I’m at. I’m not really that sad about it, because I had already accepted that pregnancy wouldn’t be an option. And, what I went through was so incredibly painful (the 3 doctors I saw all said it was the worst case they’d ever seen), that I don’t think anything is worth risking it returning, if I can do something to avoid it.

I still want to be a mom, so adoption is pretty much option #1, but I have an advantage because my brother’s adopted, so I’ve seen the process and I know what to expect.

I think the worst part about all of this is that I have to think about it at barely 23 years old. But again, I’m not sad, and honestly I’m just thankful that I have access to medical care that was able to figure out what’s wrong, correct it, and find me treatment.

That’s my only real life update, thanks for reading!


Kelton / 2nd Year / Public Policy


“I think I just crammed everything I could that I liked into my room. I consider myself a homebody so I like to come in my room and stay in my room, so have everything I need. I have my xbox, my computer, my fridge, microwave, tv.”

Kelton really does have everything, but what’s really impressive is the level of technology in this room. Cool lights, xbox, multiple computer screens, huge tv - this room is full of gadgets. “I like to keep it hi-tech. I can control everything form my phone: I can turn my xbox on, change the music, change the lights, control the apple tv, turn the tv on, the only thing I can’t do is control the fan, but I’m sure I’ll figure that out.” 

I think the lights are the coolest part of his room. He has an app on his phone where he can change the colors of them to customize the atmosphere of the room. Much better than the gross fluorescent lights we are so used to in dorm rooms! “The lights are great because when I’m studying I turn them on bright. When I’m partying I make then do strobe-light type things. When I’m relaxing I set it to chill lighting. I have timers so I can set it to go off at a certain time.”