I don’t know how I would have done, but if I was the leader, I probably would have went crazy. Because the leader has to listen to all the members’ opinions. Leeteuk never gets biased and treats everybody equally. He even let them lead when needed. He gives us more opportunities and he himself becomes humble. The reason behind our good teamwork is Leeteuk - Kyuhyun

Can I say to a member that’s not here? I wanna get closer to Yesung. Yesungah, I really wanna get closer to you. Before, something happened ; the other members all comforted/consoled me, saying it’s okay. Like shiwon said to me, “Hyung, you’re the leader, I’ll always follow you”, but Yesung you said, “Ah! I knew you’ll be like that. You’re too silly.” Our parents are already so close, let’s also quickly become closer..- Leeteuk to Yesung

 Eeteuk hyung is like a brother and a father. I have always tried to be a child that he doesn’t have to worry about, even though I know that he feels helpless that I don’t always fit in, but he has always supported me. Sometimes I will even tease that him sacrificing his idol image to be funny is useless, but he knows that I still care a lot for him, and don’t want him to be so tired. And then one day he faced the camera and said while smiling, actually Kibum is the one child I have always worried about, not caring about how many tears he has shed but still shouting my name. He’s even willing to once again sacrifice for my sake.  Eeteuk hyung, Kibum loves you, and so I will always walk with you to the end. - Kibum

Hyung, you’re the leader, I’ll always follow you - siwon

Kyuhyun, ryeowook and kibum are the youngest in the group. He probably has a hard time coz he have more than  10 hyungs in the group. He has done a lot of errands for the hyung, and as a dongsaeng he didn’t talk about his troubles a lot.But ryeowook gotten brighter now. Last year we shared a room, and when we lay our beds and he would say,“ hyung i think this and i feel this.. ”. He slowly started to open up is heart and we  got closer. Seeing him get brighter made me feel good- Leeteuk