Blue Magic? (foreverthevoid)

The princess had heard of a visitor in the castle. And Elodie being curious had tried time and time again to try and see them. Servants had told her that the woman was a Powerful Lumen that had came to the castle for reasons she would not talk about. Perhaps she was searching for a fellow Lumen for a matter that was far beyond Elodie’s understanding of magic - equally to say that she knew nothing about it she never even possessed the ability to wield it.

Hiding behind one of the pillars in the courtyard Elodie waiting for her chance to see the stranger. Her Father came out with the stranger by his side, talking to her about a matter the young princess couldn’t quite pick up. It looked as though the stranger was asking for help…and her Father wasn’t giving it. Whatever the stranger was saying Elodie’s Father kept shutting her down, and eventually left her in the courtyard by herself - a few of the archers posted above kept a weary eye on the woman.

Elodie blinked. The woman looked maybe only slightly older than her and she was suppose to be a powerful Lumen? She peeked out a little more to get a better look at her. The woman’s hair was a blue sea colour along with her eyes…but her clothes looked like nothing Elodie had ever seen before.

Mustering as much guile as she could Elodie leaned out a little further. Her curiosity in the supposed Blue Lumen peaked.

[Elegance check failed]

Unfortunately the Princess doesn’t notice the vase sitting next to her foot, with a tiny nudge it tumbles over and smashes. The noise echoing easily through the courtyard.

[Composure check failed]

Trying to run away from embarrassment and fear Elodie tries to run away…but ends up tripping over her own two feet and landing in a heap.

The Connection Grows Deeper? (Riku and Aqua) [Destiny Island]


Completely, and utterly at peace.

That was what Riku hardly felt, in other worlds. Calm was not even a feeling that hardly, if not at all, came upon him. Perhaps that was due to his own nerves and tendency to worry too much, but it still rang true none the less. Never did the young wielder feel at peace in other worlds or places where his worries were abound.

All except here, that is.

A content sigh brushed through Riku’s parted lips, as they curved into a pleasant and warm smile; basking in the sunlight that beamed down upon his figure. The light was apparently bright through closed eyelids, though he cared little. It felt like ages since the Key-Bearer had felt the sun on his face. Especially a sun as great as the Islands held. It felt even longer than ages, since the young man had heard the familiar sound of waves overlapping each other; washing up upon the shore, and slapping against the wet sand that remained settled there.

The Islands were the one place where serenity was abundant. At least, for Riku. Ironic really, considering how he felt about the small and closed off world at one point. How he ever thought that this place was a ‘Prison’ would continue to baffle him. Now, it pained the young wielder to leave such a beautiful and warm scene. Though he wouldn’t have to leave for a while, really.

He had only just arrived.

asksokai started following you


She’d noticed the figure…or perhaps even figures on the path. Her heart filling with some sort of joy she ran towards them, hoping, if even for a glimmer of hope…that it might be one or even both of her dear friends. Though as she closed the distance, she stopped short…always unsure of the things around her…always afraid the darkness was playing a deadly trick.

"Hello?" The bluenett gave, hoping for a familar voice to answer.

The Doors To Darkness (foreverthevoid)

Peaceful days had a bad habit of dragging on for young Elodie. If it wasn’t a day in the courtroom listening to some of the most bizarre requests for royal funding, then it was something even more mind numbingly tedious. Perhaps giving the boot to a few unruly nobles…urgh. Elodie managed something of a irritated sigh as she left the court room.

'Why can't people just sort out their own family problems…' The young girl rolled her eyes 'It's not like I have a WHOLE empire to see to. No no. Queen Elodie can just fix everything!' She pushed the thought from her mind before it could do anymore harm, closing her bedroom door behind her.

And that’s when a sneaky little thought crept into her head. There collapsed on her bed was her good friend Aqua, who had been so absorbed in her book as to drape it over her face and count sheep instead of actually reading it. Elodie, now into mischievous mode, began slow steady advance towards Aqua. Waiting in till she was in range before striking with such intensity that-


"Aqua! Wake up sleepy head!" -that poor Aqua would probably suffer a heart attack from being pounced on so suddenly.

Another chance (@lifestreamflowergirl)

Where does the soul go when the body dies? Would she leave her memories behind? That and so much more was going through the master’s mind at the current moment. All her lessons, are her time spent hardening herself…it was all quickly turning out to mean naught against this foe.

Beaten, battered and bruises the keyblade master was coming in for an overhead strike. But her blade met the edges of that darkness again, that one large eye turning towards her - the slit pupil driving fear into her heart…and then pain once again wrecked her body. She was sent hurdling, tumbling over herself in grand and painful fashions. Still…Aqua had been through worse. She’d stood and fought when it mattered most, when her friends needed her. Struggling to her feet like she had done many times that day once again Aqua stood ready.

This thing. It was like nothing she had ever faced…it was no Heartless. Nor some lingering form of Unversed that she had previously thought…no, they had all disappeared with that other boy, Vanitus. This thing…it was like a dark fog, like the very darkness around her had come alive. Quickly Aqua fired off a volley of fireballs towards it, but alas…within a flash the beast was gone…and a single red eye was staring right at her. It took a few seconds to fully sink in - the heavy hit to her chest did not improve her thought process - it had taken on a human form.

Aqua was sent flying like a ragdoll, her body crashing into one of the nearby buildings…feeling herself break in the process. There was a few fleeting moments left, just enough for her to see the slim foot in front of her, the thing try to pick up her keyblade and then hiss at it as though it was something it hated. And then…the darkness rushed in at her.