in honor of my 1000th post, i decided to post something to show everyone what means the most to me in my life. I Am Second. and i always will be.(:


i went to confession today. the last time i went was my very first confession. roughly seven years ago. whoops. it was kinda weird at first. i actually started crying which really really surprised me. but i feel better, i guess. im still struggling with my faith and beliefs but the one thing im absolutely sure of is that i am second. and that will never change.<3

last day of work!

today was such a bittersweet last day of work. im going to miss it there ohh so much. it’s only been a few months but they’ve become my second family. everyone is so sweet and i feel like i can really be myself around them. i know ill be back for winter break and next summer, but i don’t want to go. goodbyes are always the hardest part of leaving. on the plus side, i made $81 in tips today! MAKE IT RAINNNNN<3