okay, just went through and reblogged the album in order and put it in my “tbu” tag (which you can go to by clicking “the blessed unrest” at my blog) so if you can’t stream it from iTunes and want the songs in order you’ll find them in that tag! or if you just want a specific song I made sure to tag them all by their name as well as when number track they are (so brave is tagged as “01” as well as “brave” while December is tagged as “12” and “December”)

hope this helps, and make sure to send a message to user foreveremily for being a goddess and uploading EVERY SINGLE TRACK TO TUMBLR last night!!! she’s a doll and so wonderful for doing that for us so we all can enjoy the new album (and make sure to follow her perfect blog!)

happy listening!

Just a Normal Conversation
  • emily:supa asian 4 lyfe
  • me:when you say things like that, it still surprises me and makes me cringe
  • emily:haha i have to think about it while i type it cause i can't figure out how people speak like that naturally
  • me:like that one time i called you homie and you were all like foshizzle
  • emily:haha yeah dawg u kno how i do
  • emily:omg that hurts
  • emily:to look at
  • me:you just inflicted pain on yourself
  • emily:yes i did
  • emily:with poorly typed messages

foreveremily said:

According to the facebook page for the radio station 104.3 myfm in socal, sara is coming into their studio tomorrow to world premiere Brave at 7:30am!

thank you so so much for the info Emily!!! I’d tune in myself but I’ll be in class when it’s premiering :”( but I want to make sure everyone else knows so they can hear it!!!

foreveremily said: Yesyesyes!! I was thinking of getting them for staples center but I was at the dentist during the first presale XP I really want to go though!

Yay!! We can fangirl over them together. :D Staples Center is for next year right? Aww, that sucks. I was at the dentist yesterday lol I have a serious hatred of going there. :P I know for the MSG one in December I missed the presale because I had school and for the regular sale I couldn’t get tickets. :/ You should try the regular though!