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Real hip-hop is when a crowd of people are impacted, that moment where the beat drops and everyone’s head instantly starts bobbing, that pause the audience hopes is not the end of an ill track, and when a rapper’s verse is so sick you wish it could be run back. Real hip-hop isn’t defined by the glam or the glitz but instead the individuals who have a story to share over an intricately made beat with the hope that at least a handful of people listen, and that at least one of them understands the message. The underground artist who performs for an average of fifty people a show, who can afford maybe one original beat and bare their souls to the public and make it look effortless. Those individuals, they are the ones who define hip-hop.


Any one who has stated that hip-hop is dead desperately needs some Gold Lynx in their life.
Simple as that.

Gold Lynx formerly known as Gifted Logistics is a rap duo originally from Dunedin, FL. Before even giving a formal introduction I must say that Malcolm and JPM are some of the most down to earth, genuinely gifted artists that we have come across and it was an honor to have been in their company for the simple fact that in the city of Tampa such “realness” is a rarity. Johnathon, Malcolm, JPM, Malky Mal, whichever way you want to spin it make sure that the record is set straight; these two guys spit crack on a track. Johnathon (JPM) Marshall and Malcolm Ballard, are two 21 year old guys who have been making music together since their senior year of high school, the two met through mutual friends and through their common interest in skateboarding; even before really getting to know one another each member of Gold Lynx had been playing around with music. We found out that JPM was into hardcore music and was even apart of a band called Blood Rumble prior to rapping, and that Malcolm was a trumpet player in marching band. In 2008 both Malcolm and JPM graduated high school and by 2010 were promoting their album “The Prelude”. However it all began, the world’s ears will be ecstatic when they hear the sounds that these guys provide.


Surreal, Jayy, Los, and myself first heard them spit at Basement (1) Sessions in Cafe Hey on October 8, 2011. The impact their set had on the audience was undeniable, and of all the performances that night they were the ones unafraid of giving up a piece of themselves in a personal manner, all of the songs had phenomenal lyrics but the most vulnerable track was “Single Parent Household”…when that song began you could almost tell who in that audience went through some of the same trials and tribulations that were depicted in the words of the track. Talent is talent no matter how raw it may be. So when Jayy and I got the invite to kick it with them in the studio for the recording of their newest track “Come to My World (Party & Bull$#!+)”, of course we jumped on the opportunity. 



The track is produced by Leo DaVinci, a young producer who has worked in big time cities such as Atlanta and Houston; who by chance ended up in Tampa and found the talent that has been looked over by natives of the city, talent in the form Malcolm and JPM. Leo also witnessed the impacting performance given at Cafe Hey and started working with them immediately, thus far the collaboration has been beneficial on both ends. Jayy and I were jamming out to the track all night long, kudos to both Gold Lynx and Leo Davinci and are trying to make efforts at collaborating with the duo as well…I mean, can you blame us? Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, and ears open for when Gold Lynx drops the Leo Davinci produced track “Come to My World (Party & Bull$#!+)”


We can’t wait til the release of your new tracks. 


Media Mouth Mel gives a brief explanation of what Forever Debonair means to her. Edited by Jayy Cannon of Forever Debonair.

Blessed- School Boy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar.

Rock bottom is the perfect foundation to a successful come-up. Blessings can come to a person in disguise, Forever Debonair has seen ups and downs but regardless of the falls the team’s rises in triumph are that much greater.
Don’t call it a comeback, but know that we’re going hard whether it’s behind the scenes or out in the open.

I just felt as though this track was the perfect song of inspiration for the team at the moment as we are all experiencing the setbacks of life, and still managing to pull through.


More than just a day off.

Martin Luther King Jr.
This man had a dream that has been fulfilled for the most part, and in some areas of our nation still in progress. Personally, being apart of a creative lifestyle group composed primarily of minorities is an achievement in itself, but to know that our dreams are limitless no matter what shade of color our skin is…it’s truly a blessing. So while you guys are finishing up your barbecues, and celebrations just remember that it is more than just a day off…it’s a holiday empowering an entire generation of a race that was once thought to be nothing.
With that being said, no matter what race you are or what color….anything is possible if you dream big.
Happy Martin Luther King Day.



The premiere of “Poppin” by Prince Golden.
This single is off of his EP entitled “Whateva Man” and this video was directed by Robert Gallardo.
The track is dope, and getting to party with Prince Golden was mad fun…. there are a whole bunch of cameo appearances in this video Scott Aye, Gold Lynx, Craig Tealman, Joerod Collier, Jayy Cannon, and myself were all in attendance to get it “Poppin”.
Hit play and don’t forget to come out and watch Prince Golden perform live at the Orpheum on September 7, 2012 for the “Bridging The Gap II” concert.


Everyone already knows that when FD is partying it’s going to be EPIC, so when you watch this video clip you shouldn’t be too surprised. The team collaborated with the rap duo Gold Lynx to not only party and bullshit but also to shoot their music video for their song “Come to My World (Party & Bullshit)” here’s a snippet of the house party portion of Gold Lynx’s upcoming music video shot by our very own Jayy Cannon & Surreal Styles.


Forever Debonair was live and in full effect on Saturday, August 4th for the Bay Area Soleciety event at MOSI in Tampa, Florida…shout out to them by the way.
Both Truly Phresh Clothing and Surreal Styles Sneakers came out not only to exhibit their products to the city but also to show some love to the other up and coming companies.

Original Concepts was nice enough to come out with them and collaborate with myself (Media Mouth Mel) to do some interviews with some people.
I got the opportunity to meet individuals such as DP, Joe, and Ernest of Feed The Kids (FTK) as well as Robert from Pocket7 and T who was one of the people responsible for the event.
The interviews should be up soon, but for the meantime just kick back and check out some of the behind the scenes pictures that I was able to capture on my phone while running around. 

Pyramid- Frank Ocean

Download here 

New heat from Frank Ocean, I’m still deciding if I like the track or not. I love Frank Ocean’s artistic flair, this guy never sounds like anything I’ve already heard before….hell, the guy never sounds like himself twice in a row or ever for that matter. The fact that I never like any of his songs the first time I ever hear them intrigues me even more, his dysfunctional beats and bizarre choice of double meanings damn near forces you to want to listen again and again until you can’t go an entire day without having the track on repeat. Last Summer my day was incomplete if I hadn’t jammed “Novacane” or “SwimGood” at least 3 times in the day which are both songs that I did not have a taste for initially until my mind was infiltrated with a feeling of necessity to hear Frank Ocean.

This leads me back to the topic discussion, “Pyramid”. After having heard the 10 minute track 3 times (yes, I kid you not) I’m starting to dig the sound of it. I have yet to decipher what the hell the man is talking about….but I’ll have all Summer to figure it out. 
"Pyramid" is a teaser from his debut album Channel Orange, this album will be in stores on July 7th and if you didn’t know…the man will be on tour this summer.

07-13 Seattle, WA – Showbox at the Market
07-14 Vancouver, British Columbia – Commodore Ballroom
07-16 San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom
07-17 Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern
07-19 Austin, TX – La Zona Rosa
07-20 Dallas, TX – Southside Music Hall
07-22 Atlanta, GA – Center Stage Theatre
07-23 Washington, DC – 9:30 Club
07-25 Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer
07-26 New York, NY – Terminal 5
07-28 Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club
07-29 Montreal, Quebec – Club Soda
07-31 Toronto, Ontario – The Guvernment
08-01 Detroit, MI – TBA
08-04 Chicago, IL – Lollapalooza


Insight is Bliss- Jayy Cannon.
Directed by- Joerod Collier. 

Straight words, poetic verses, and deep meanings. Created by two of our very own members, this is something that needs to be heard by everyone.


Poetry Slam at Sacred Sounds


The vibe was right, and the rhymes were tight at Sacred Sounds Coffeehouse on Saturday, August 18. The poetry slam is held every third Saturday of the month at Sacred Sounds Coffeehouse. Poet Tolliver hosted this event and there were many talented poets that graced the stage, the team was there live and in full effect. Some faces were familiar ones, and others new to us…but we were ecstatic to meet them nonetheless. 

Definitely a good experience if you are into poetry and need a good place to listen, Sacred Sounds is the best place to go to.

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QuESt - Chase To Nowhere [Video] Directed By. Cristian Bernal
“Chase To Nowhere” is a laidback track about an internal struggle when it comes to one’s ambitions, a song that states you can get consumed by what you are trying to achieve thus causing you to lose your own personality. Check out the video and stay posted  to see what QuESt drops this year off of “Fear Not Failure” 

Click Here to download Fear Not Failure

Click Here for Chase To Nowhere  


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BTS: Prince Golden’s “Poppin’” video shoot.

Check out the Behind The Scenes footage for Prince Golden’s “Poppin”, it’s a track off of the upcoming mixtape, “Whateva Man”.
Media Mouth Mel of ForeverDebonair and Original Concepts give you the inside scoop.

Stay tuned for the release of the official video only here! 


Last night at the video shoot for Prince Golden’s single "Poppin" off of his EP entitled "Whateva Man."
The video is directed by Robert Gallardo, expect to see a lot of familiar cameos such as Scott Aye, GoldLynx, Jayy Cannon, Surreal, Knox, and many more local artists in the Tampa area.
Special shout out to Original Concepts for coming out and filming the interview I had with Prince Golden.


Florida rapper Elar in his video for the track “Marilyn Monroe”.