The Five Levels of Biasing
  • <p><b>Level One:</b> you first notice him/her. May mix said person up with that one member that happens to look exactly like them.<p/><b>Level Two:</b> you keep your eye on them, google pictures of them, you can now point bias out amongst the group. Most of the time.<p/><b>Level Three:</b> you have now watched every single video of them on youtube. You're starting to realize your bias is an idiot.<p/><b>Level Four:</b> it's getting bad. You can pick out their voice, their hands, their left nostril. They can do no wrong in your eyes and you have multiple folders filled with pictures and gifs that make your heart go dokidoki.<p/><b>Level Five:</b> you scroll down your dash, and spot a particularly amazing photo of bias. Your eyes narrow. "Fuck you, you spineless potato" you say as you reblog said photo.<p/></p>
But You Didn't

Remember that day I borrowed your new camera

"Hey, babe, can I borrow your new camera?" You asked your fiancé. He looked at you skeptically before slowly handing it over and telling you to please be careful. You went back outside to take pictures of your best friend’s baby girl. "Namji, come here!" You called to the toddler, motioning her over to you. Just as she walked up to you she wobbled on her two little feet and slowly tilted. You instantly grabbed her with both hands and steadied her, but as you breath a sigh of relief you hear a loud crack at your feet.

And dropped it?

"I’m so so so sorry, baby. I went to grab Namji because she was going to fall and I completely forgot I had it in my hands, and I know I told you I’d be careful but I couldn’t just let her fall, and I’m sooooo sorry." You rambled on after you’d come back inside with his broken camera. He stood there with a dull expression just staring at you as you kept talking.

I thought you’d kill me

"Stop," He told you, "Stop making excuses." He took the broken camera from your hands harshly over in his hands as you watched his movements. He raised his arm with the camera in it and threw it roughly onto the floor where it shattered completely. "Why’d you do that!?!?!" You yelled at him as you bent down to try to access the damage, even though you knew it was hopeless. He grabbed your hand and pulled you onto your feet. You were surprised as you looked up to find him smiling. "It’s alright, it was just a camera after all." He said as he pulled you into a bear hug. "You’re worth much more anyways." He whispered into your hair.

But you didn’t

- Maknae

Sorry it came out late guys I was really busy today with school stuff and I just got around to this. Thanks for everybody who waited patiently.


Seriously how can one be so adorable??