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hihi a while ago while you still had your bbeellaammyy acc you reblogged a video of bellarke with knock on heaven's door. idk i was feeling nostalgic and im not sure where to look for it. do you have the link to it by any chance?

Hi my lovely anon ;3


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Do YOU like the new cast? I'm disappointed to be honest, but I guess I'm bias because the original cast forever has my heart. It's just... Jamie was the perfect description of Jace, ya know? I feel like the original cast was perfect and now... So anyway, what do you think? Xx

We’re all happy about the new cast, and that doesn’t mean we didn’t loved the movie cast, because I do, and we’re gonna miss them so much. But you have to give the new one a chance, I’m sure they will do a great job, it’s their acting that matters anyway.


oh wait…

they already are

Every time I watch Hell's Bells I cry like a baby

I always hope it’ll turn out differently… That Anya will talk to Xander and it’ll all be fine.. And it never is…

I love these awesome nerds so much. I’m so glad I got to make beautiful music with them this year 😊 #VocalSurge will be forever in my heart ❤️ #acapella. P.S. - “We are a strong, independent vocal group who don’t need no track!”- Daniel Butterfield

The fact that they made a whole post about her very brief appearance in this trailer means she has arrived!!!

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electra heart and true romance

ELECTRA HEART: 6.9/10, i do not revisit this album much at all. it is squarely an album of its period and i think Stargate did Marina a disservice with some of the beats. that said, i can’t emphasize enough how much of the “Living Dead”, “Sex, Yeah!”, “Radioactive”, “Fear and Loathing”, and “Scab & Plaster” demos I listened to in the ramp up to the actual album release. those songs put together a perfect, imperfect EP for me that will forever live on in my heart as what could have been. “Sex, Yeah!” and “Teen Idle” remain two of my favourite songs ever though, so it’s really hard for me to be overly critical outside of my original score. i saw her perform this album live and it totally rocked, but i don’t think i need it in my iTunes anymore, if that makes sense.

TRUE ROMANCE: 8.9/10, ugh, ugh, ugh. I loved everything about this era and I was the biggest Charli XCX stan going into it. I only went to see Marina because Charli was opening for her, and I’ve seen Charli every time she’s been in Toronto since (even when she cancelled Time Festival, I still went!) but nobody can tell me songs like “Cloud Aura” and the album cut of “So Far Away” and “Lock You Up” deserve to live when the demo tracks were ALSO so much better. The synths for “Lock You Up” just THROB on her mixtape but they are diluted into such pithy submission in the album cut that I have to take major points away. It’s far and away the best Charli XCX album we’ve yet to see with such major hits like “Nuclear Seasons”/”Grins”, “You’re the One”, “Stay Away” and “You (Ha Ha Ha)” but, like Electra Heart, it could have been so much better. I listen to this album constantly, though, so it’s going to get a very high score from me.

I owe so much to this lil angel pie. Before I met Brad, my mind was riddled with fear, I was completely emotionally numb and I felt that a part of me was missing. Since being with him, I have felt emotions I didn’t know existed, and he taught me how to truly love and care for someone. He has made me a better, happier and more honest person, he’s the most talented, inspiring person I have ever met and he gives me hope. Every single aspect of Brad is perfect and he has my heart forever.