Cinta itu memahami. Memberi arti dengan kesederhanaan; tidak menuntut dan panjang angan. Cinta itu bukan sekadar perasaan, tetapi akhlak dan mengerti apa yang harus dilakukan. Cinta itu memberi rasa aman dan nyaman. Cinta kadang butuh waktu, tetapi bukan masalah waktu, ini masalah kemauan dan kemampuan untuk menunggu.


It’s a Henry vs Adam battle of wits!

Executive Producer Matt Miller gives a preview of what to expect in tomorrow’s ‪#‎Forever‬ season finale:

In honor of friend @ioangruffudd Ioan Gruffudd’s new TV series #Forever coming to a season 1 finale tomorrow night (Tues 5/5/15 at 10pm/9c on ABC). This image is from the photo op booth at #DragonCon 2012 when Ioan and I were representing the #Fantastic4 franchise (He: #ReedRichards / #MrFantastic, Me: #NorrinRadd / #SilverSurfer ). Actor co-stars often politely mention enjoying each other’s company, and then there’s the ones you really really just love being around. This pic might indicate the latter.

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I wonder if we can come up with a list of 100 Reasons ABC Should Renew Forever…

  1. So much of Henry’s 200+ year life hasn’t been explored yet. That could be its own massive list of reasons right there.
  2. These characters all have great relationships with each other
  3. Everyone in the crew seems to really enjoy what they’re doing
  4. The show is charming, funny, intriguing, and heartbreaking–often in a single episode
  5. Jo needs more backstory
  6. Lucas needs more backstory
  7. Hanson needs more backstory
  8. Reece definitely needs more backstory
  9. Abe needs more backstory from the times he was away from Henry
  10. Who else works in the precinct? We want to know!
  11. Who else works in the morgue? We want to know!
  12. There is so. much. modern pop culture that Henry hasn’t been introduced to yet.
  13. …which would give you a chance to promote some of your other things, ABC/Disney!
  14. People keep discovering Forever and going “aaaahhh, I love this!”
  15. Too many people keep discovering Forever, loving it, and going “WHY DIDN’T I KNOW THIS EXISTED?” Which is on you, ABC.
  16. ABC, you put it in a bad timeslot
  17. You also didn’t give it nearly enough promo
  18. And you kept having random hiatuses in between the episodes.
  19. You screwed up, not us. But anyway…
  20. What caused Henry’s immortality?
  21. Are there any other immortals out there besides Henry and Adam? If so, what are they like? If not, why not?
  22. What’s the deal with that pocketwatch? You don’t call attention to something that often on a show unless it’s somehow very important.
  23. What other historical figures did Henry interact with?
  24. What other historical events was he a part of?
  25. We don’t know all the ways Henry’s died yet, or what hasn’t killed him before yet.

Feel free to add anything else you can think of, big or small! I’ll make another post later adding in the other things (if people add stuff).