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With Thanksgiving coming up and me getting some much needed days off, I have decided to do a mini giveaway. I recently started teaching myself more things in Photoshop as well as within HTML and rewriting themes and would like to get some more practice. So here is a theme giveaway. There will only be one winner unless for some reason this reaches over 100 reblogs, which I don’t foresee happening. You must be following me; because this is to say thank you to those who follow me. Reblogs and Likes both count and you can reblog as many times as you’d like but please be respectful of others and don’t just spam the dashboard with it. This is only open for RP blogs. The giveaway will end on Wednesday at 12PM CST. Good luck! 


Four Sentences

I attempted to envision
Walls without bricks
But with the sound of people
Shouting, “No!”

I thought the mortar
Contained a culture
Grown from the respect
Taught to children
From the day they were
Asked to learn.

I believed this wall
Could not be a permanent
Fixture, but something that
Could be built in a word
And when the time called,
A single syllable would
Be heard.

I foresee a time where
Boundaries are no longer
Forged by the paper of
Rich men, but are
Formed from what we have
Learned and mistakes
We have met.

By The Throat:

Oh how easily they forget no anchor to the past
Cut the blood supply and hope the heart beats itself to death
My ribcage is now my own, still feels like your arms net clothed in salt
How’d I let it go this far?
It happens faster than you could ever think
From always and forever to never again in less than a blink
The river runs until it’s dry
But I die spittin’ my last drip into it’s mouth to keep it alive
Long drives, wide eyes, and your smilin’ face
You dance I drink, let’s waste the night away
They say you always know right away
But you can’t foresee the sand being pulled into the sea under a tidal wave
Secrets sneak out when you’re asleep
Comin’ from a queen’s mouth, talk isn’t all that cheap
I’m now a lone flame searching for a purpose
Setting fires everywhere I go, can’t avoid the burns
We share pain
You took me by the throat and made me understand the world as if I were you and I couldn’t breathe
And you can lead a horse to fresh water but you can’t teach it how to be okay when you decide to leave
I’m lost, there’s no one to protect
I got so used to bein’ sheltered from the rain that always followed you
It’s not my first time, actually it’s nothin’ new
But that doesn’t make it any easier to get through
The snow won’t melt, smoke won’t clear
Turned hope inside out a thousand times tryin’ to see if it was ever anything more than dressed up fear,
But the two go hand in hand you can’t have one without the other bein’ there
I’m barely breathin’ waitin for these screams to end
Beggin’ a god I don’t believe in to let me sleep so I can dream again
We went through thick and thin
Came out separate on the other end
But please know no matter what you’ll always have me as a friend

And I finally know
Your crime is your pride and your past is my only dose
I’m goin’ crazy outa my control
But there’s nothin’ I can do, I have no choice but to let it go
Each day gets a little less intense
No longer feel like the skins standin’ on my chest
You made me more me, and I won’t forget the times you helped my find my feet
When I was buried in my head
Thank you, for givin’ what you had to give
Takin’ what you had to take,
And makin’ me believe in you.
Even though I might be gone forever there will always be a place in my brain that’ll think of you.
You look so graceful when you’re flyin’
Keep goin’, there’s a lot of world that you haven’t seen,
You have my best wishes, even if only in silence, you deserve everything that you’ve ever dreamed.
The snow melted right when the smoke cleared,
I turned love inside out a thousand times tryin’ to see if it was ever anything more than the will to persevere,
but the two go hand in hand, the clouds surrounding you eventually will clear.
I can breathe I found contentment in the end,
Tellin’ a god I don’t believe in to go to sleep so I can think again.
We went through thick and thin,
Came out separate on the other end,
But please know no matter what you’ll always have me as a friend.

—  Eyedea

was like “ughghghghgghghghgh NEXT SEMESTER” but next semester i will be taking classes exclusively in russian, about russian, and in russia, it is going to be the best semester EVER barring any conflicts of interest with host family (which i do not foresee unless they are…passive aggressive or rude? i am a very retiring guest, i try to Do My Bit re: housekeeping and make small talk at meals and stay out of everyone’s way)

My Two Cents regarding One Direction and Rebranding, I'm an outlier by Skygazer555

The One Direction brand run as a business is VERY conservative. They plan things years in advance and micromanage the smallest details. People talk about seeding. Years are no big deal for what we were told was the end goal was during X-Factor. Harry Styles is being setup to be a huge worldwide superstar. The next Mick Jagger. One Direction boyband is a stepping stone towards that goal. The surprise of One Direction’s popularity and the original fan’s love of the OTP-5 and how much the fandom has embraced Larry Stylinson no matter how much they are told it’s forbidden are the wild cards they didn’t foresee and are still dealing with. 

On the flip side, it’s the worldwide popularity of the band that has allowed Harry to become so famous in so few years. Until recently, Harry was the only one promoted as an individual. It’s only in the last few months that the other boys have gotten a few headlines about their professional lives and not about their PR relationships. 

November has been a blitz of promo and PR. A common theme is Harry Styles=One Direction. Harry is the international superstar and A-lister. Harry in the middle of pictures, Harry the main subject of OTP-5 interviews„ Harry dresses differently than the others and stands out—Harry and the rest.  Harry might even be Bi. 

The other four have PR storylines according to their assigned roles for One Direction brand for the times they do make the news. Zouis are the bad ones. Both are tied up in longterm relationships with their girlfriends which started at the tender ages of 19 which are heavily PR’ed but referred to as “private.” Liam sells the management storyline and is their appointed spokesman.His image is also used to appeal to right-wing conservatives. Niall is the good one who appeals to almost everyone.

New fans being exposed to One Direction will have one focus and one focus only. Harry Styles.

I think the One Direction brand is undergoing rebranding but not in the way old fans expected. People expect Harry to leave One Direction and go solo. While Harry  may put out a solo album, I’m wondering if the post boyband One Direction structure will feature Harry Styles and those original members who choose to stay. 

If One Direction stays together post boyband years and Modest, it’s guaranteed they will put out an album that will be a hit, featuring Harry Styles. If Liam and Zayn stay, likely they will get a song or two per album to showcase their talents as leads. Niall is an everyman who people like. Louis is undervalued. He is not showcased. He has a unique voice but it seems like his current experiences in 1D has made him not want to be in the spotlight as a performer singing a solo line or lead.

I predict the next album will be for mature fans although as pop stars they should make sure to include some top-40 fare as smart business. Probably some of the missing tracks from the current album were pushed to be on the next album.

What’s happening now is helping to establish the One Direction narrative for new fans. This is the One Direction they want people to see. Not the nostalgic boys old fans first met on X-Factor. A music group featuring Harry Styles. The strangest aspect of this though is going on talk shows and NOT performing.

What happened in the past is history. What is happening now is truth based on a PR plan and the future which is already written is to further the goals of the brand. If Louis and Harry’s personal relationship survives being managed through the interest of the brand, I assume they will eventually announce a relationship but not go back for the past. Remember everything to date that has happened was REAL.

So there is a lot of rebranding going on just in a longterm very planned manipulative conservative fashion.

So I think that is what is being presented as the new One Direction. What do you think?

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still accepting that meme? if so, Nikolina painting

When he had commissioned his own wife for the painting of his royal portrait, he did not foresee the consequences. Mainly, he had thought himself quite the sentimental husband, encouraging his queen’s hobbies and allowing her skills to flourish. 

But now… Nikolai looked at the canvas in his hands. Now it seemed he had made himself a martyr. 

"You realize that I have a cleft in my chin, yes?"

Alina, cleaning her paintbrushes, only rolled her eyes, “No you don’t.”

"I do. Right in the middle. Also, a dimple on my right cheek, which I see now has been regrettably neglected."


"And this nose…"

"There’s nothing wrong with the nose."

"It’s not right."

"It’s exactly right."

"It points north," Nikolai pursed his lips, tilted his head, "And…"

How to say this.

Alina dropped her supplies into the water bucket he had procured for her. “What now.

He stuck out his lip, just a little, “You painted the left side.”

He was, of course, oblivious to the fact that every subsequent word out of Alina’s mouth was like dripping icicles, “So.”

"The right side is my good one. That’s the profile I have on all the coins-"

A tube of oil paint flew at his very clefted, and very dimpled, head.

since i'm terrible about posting schedules, here's an update on my K&R fanfic agenda for the foreseeable future

high school au: next chapter or two almost completely done, end game in sight! when i have it all done, i’m gonna take the whole thing and edit it into decent shape before posting it as complete

necromancer au: just gotta round off the next chapter, finally figured out how to speed things up a bit, it was dragging on

amnesia au (for jo): 3000 words, only a vague plan for a somewhat distant end, but at this rate, it may be the first one done

secret santa assignment: coming along nicely, just gotta connect two parts of it and then give it a polish

other fics:

  • a college AU for Leslie is in the planning stages rn
  • the Yellow Coat ‘Verse (AKA the gigantic modern!AU i wrote in October) has a prequel AND a Thanksgiving fic in progress
  • there’s a community fusion Christmas party fic underway and it is adorable and fluffy and almost complete
  • there is a rewrite of Elysian (aka my first slashfic ever) in the works. I think I might give it an actual plot this time around!
  • another p!atd ficlet (compilation here) mostly for my own amusement
  • that teacher!Michael fic in its full glory is def happening
  • maybe i’ll finish the merlin crossover! hahahaha
  • oh and there’s this one fic i’m writing where Fisk is a brainwashed Hydra assassin and Michael’s a mutant he just can’t kill
  • there may or may not be a few scenes written for a stripper!Fisk au that i can’t publish until i’m 18 due to a certain agreement with my mother
  • a not-K&R (teen wolf) fic that uses Jo’s mango premise because i plan to make that a trope if it kills me

hey guys, i’ve finally been admitted nto inpatient last week and im currently accessing the internet by my phone so far but my data is about to run out (Unless my parents buy me more..) so im about to be cut of or the foreseeable future, so things probably gonna go quiet on for the next months or so, sorry :(

-jas x x

Episode 15: The Bobby Fish Scale

Better late than never! …Right?
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We talk a lot about how lame WWE has been over the past few weeks, predictions for Survivor series, Lucha Underground, NJPW Power Struggle and Bobby Fish being way older than anybody expected.

Just a little PSA: This is our last episode on PodOmatic for the foreseeable future until we find a better hosting service, we will continue to update on our blog, twitter and host episodes on mediafire. There’s some plans in the works but for now that’s what we’ve got. Please stay tuned for more news on it!

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Julian of Norwich. Except from Ch. 69 of Revelations of Divine Love

"… Our great father, God almighty, who is being, knew and loved us from before the beginning of time. And from his knowledge, in his marvelously deep love and through the eternal foreseeing counsel of the whole blessed Trinity, he wanted the second person to become our mother, our brother, our savior. From this it follows that God is our mother as truly as God is our father. Our Father wills, our Mother works, our good lord the Holy Spirit confirms. And therefore we should love our God in whom we have our being, reverently thanking and praising him for our creation, praying hard to our Mother for mercy and pity, and to our lord the Holy Spirit for help and grace; for our whole life is in these three—nature, mercy, and grace; from them we have humility, gentleness, patience and pity, and hatred of sin and wickedness; for it is a natural attribute of virtues to hate sin and wickedness. And so Jesus is our true mother by nature, at our first creation, and he is our true mother in grace by taking on our created nature. All the fair work and all the sweet, kind service of beloved motherhood is made proper to the second person; for in him this godly will is kept safe and whole everlastingly, both in nature and in grace, out of his very own goodness.

I understand three ways of seeing motherhood in God: the first is that he is the ground of our natural creation, the second is the taking on our nature (and there the motherhood of grace begins), the third is the motherhood of works, and in this there is, by the same grace, and enlargement of length and breadth and of height and deepened without end, and all is his own love.

Julian of Norwich, “Revelations of Divine Love”, trans. Elizabeth Spearing, in The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism, ed. Bernard McGinn (New York: The Modern Library, 2006), 243.

mercenarysexuality replied to your photo “Little pencil sketch. Hnnng Cullen. Maker give me strength„”

Holy crap what are you doing to my heart

*Cullen’s voice* Whatever you wish, m’lady, whatever you wish.

(Aaaah another drawing wow I’m being productive)