A few thoughts I want Tomorrow to know
in case we never meet:

I’ve spent a lot of my days daydreaming
and sleepless hours of my nights
huddled in condemned parts of myself
staring into big, multi-brown eyes
of a little girl who was weaned from the breast
of a foreigner with dark hair
and Jesus complexion from
La Republica Dominicana reminding me

‘You will always have a home
because you will always be loved.’

That little girl once possessed dreams
of taking flight to mars,
gliding across ice,
strutting the catwalk,
crooning songs of trials and hope…

She had a head full of coiling tendrils
that glistened and bounced with life
and the scent of coconut that took her
to Nassau on the rocks again.
She was certain the Chico in the first grade,
that bashfully puckered his lips
and autographed his presence
on her left cheek,
was the boy she was to marry
(whether she knew how to salsa or not).

I remember she surreptitiously discovered
hip-hop and obscene language
through headphones reciting Slick Rick
and Warren G’s ‘Behind Bars.’
Oh, how Poetry then found its way to her…
She’s been looking for Langston Hughes,
Allen Ginsberg and Dr. Seuss ever since.
Or how she gripped a blue, bold tip pen
and illustrated her body with imagination
one lonesome afternoon.

She used to anticipate
her father’s arrival home from work
and his routine of ice-cold beer evenings
so that she could wrap her senses
around Heineken bottle caps.

And through Heineken bottle caps
she’s reminded of her culture
that reminded her of being biracial,
that reminded her of discrimination,
that reminded her of having few comrades
to turn to and confide in
leaving her with the feeling of loneliness
that drove her to blue, bold tip pens,
only this time she found paper.

—  m.d. ray, Memories Take Over and I’m There Again
Home is Where the Heart is with @carolinavd

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“Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong anywhere, but if it’s true that home is where the heart is, then my home is now Finland,” says São Paulo native Ana Carolina Vieira (@carolinavd), who moved to Helsinki after falling in love 10 years ago. “Although I’m now officially a Finnish citizen, I often still feel as though I’ve just moved here. The midnight sun during the summer and the snowy landscapes in the winter still amaze me every time.”

As a decorator and merchandiser, Ana Carolina believes her visual aesthetic has evolved in her new home. “Long winters take up the vast majority of the year, making things naturally monochrome. Apart from that, life is slower here which translates into a clean and peaceful aesthetic,” she observes. Still, images of São Paulo’s hustle and bustle often make her homesick. “Pictures always remind me of the people and places that were part of my life back home. I start dreaming of everything I would do if I were there. To cope with being homesick, I spend time with my Finnish loved ones and try to see and enjoy the best of my new home. My dog Emma helps me a lot, too.”

ive recently discovered that the entire frozen soundtrack could be replaced with foreigner songs:

  • frozen heart - cold as ice
  • do you wanna build a snowman - say you will
  • for the first time in forever - feels like the first time
  • love is an open door - waiting for a girl like you
  • let it go - that was yesterday
  • reindeers are better than people - down on love
  • in the summer - hot blooded
  • for the first time in forever reprise - urgent
  • fixer upper - dirty white boy
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