foreground in focus

Focus on Foreground

Type: Preferred Keyword

Category: Focus Detail

Definition: Focus on foreground is a keyword phrase for images or videos when only the foreground is in focus, and the elements in the background and the middle are out of focus.

Non-Preferred Synonyms:

  • foreground focus
  • foreground in focus

Related Terms:

Notes: Focus on foreground should not be used simply because the foreground is in focus, but ONLY when the background and middlle are noticeably out of focus, this a technique used to intentionally to draw attention to the back of the image or video.

Where I live is Cherry Blossom time~ 

If you want to get such a result, tap on the thing in the foreground (in this case the blossoms) and wait for a square to appear on your screen. If everything goes right, the object in the foreground is in focus! So you get this pretty little depth of focus! :)

And with the help of my fav filter, the chrome filter, you get the colors that bright! :)