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Friday, September 7th, 2012 
  • No more Kmart? Let the government know via survey what you want to happen at Nicollet and Lake.
  • Grain Belt is re-naming their beer for a limited Zombie Pub Crawl run—peep the redesigned can
  • Attend Pazy and the Black Hippies' listening party at Secret Stash Records (poster above). 
  • The second annual Constellation dots art projects and events throughout Powderhorn, Phillips, Longfellow, Corcoran, and Seward neighborhoods.
  • Love art and sticking it on things? Head to Stick ‘Em Up, the second installment of this all-sticker show featuring fourteen local artists.
  • Sure, a lot of literary and other magazines have been founded in Minneapolis this year, but only Revolver will have actual boxing matches (no metaphor here) at their launch party
  • Little Tijuana’s is re-opening at Eat Street after a two-year closure.
  • Kramarczuk’s celebrates sausage even more than usual with this year’s Kielbasa Festival.
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  • No matter what the weather is, you’ll like it better coming from cats.
6Wresearch-Indonesia Diesel Genset Market (2015-2021)

6Wresearch-Indonesia Diesel Genset Market (2015-2021)

Indonesia is emerging as one of the key growing genset markets in South-East Asian region. Owing to growing infrastructure, establishment of SEZs, growth in IT/ITeS sector, and power demand-supply gap, the market for diesel gensets in Indonesiais expected to witness tremendous growth. Increasing telecom infrastructure, rising residential societies and coming up of business parks would further…

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Vocabulary Lesson for the Day
  1. Sarchasm: the gap that exists between your joke and the person who didn’t understand it;
  2. Phallucy: a misleading description of a man’s endowment;
  3. Shamepathy: a feeling of embarrassment on someone else’s behalf, most notably in instances where they do not realize that they are being made a fool of.

Oh man, Minnesota is my valentine this morning. A gorgeous dusting of snow and mild temps makes this morning love at first sight.

The sun will roll away for a bit while Mother Nature drops another one-inch dusting on us.

Temps fall throughout the day; we’re at 34 and will reach 28 by midday. Lows of 3 with windchills of -10 overnight.

Some love isn’t forever, sorry.

Forecats for Friday, August 17

Oh man, you guys, today was really something.  A true taste of autumn, which was a welcome change from July, which was a true taste of what will happen if you don’t turn your life around, young lady.

Tomorrow is gonna be gorgeous.  A cool morning gives way to a more-or-less cool day with lots of sun and cats and happiness and money raining down from the sky.  Plus or minus one or two elements.

Go grab lunch tomorrow and don’t look back.  Days like these are meant to be savored.