Fashion Stylist Patric Chauvez chic picks for "12 Days of Gifting."

1 & 2.   D.L. & Co. Candle with Skull. $65.00

"D&L are the absolute best candles. They are both super decorative and the most fashionable candle on the market. They also come in a variety of bright colors at Ikram, Chicago."

3. Comme des Garcons Two-Toned leather pouch. $145.00

"One of the best deals there is- a Comme des Garcons pouch. Its fantastic for the price."

4.  Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in “Ginger Fire,” “Bitter Bitch,” and “Viper.” $32.00 each at Neiman Marcus

"The Tom Ford packaging is amazing. and the color choices are the best in the beauty industry. Give a collection of 3 or 4 pieces"

5. Helmut Newton coffee table book. $60.00 at Barneys New York

"For the bibliofile, this amazing coffee table book is the perfect addition to any great book collection."

6. Hermes silk pocket square. $175.00

"Hermes. The name or reputation speaks for itself."

7. Tom Ford Lip Color in “Blush Nude.” $49.00 at Neiman Marcus.

"Nails and lips together and you’ll be the most popular gifter. Guaranteed."

8.  Christian Louboutin coffee table book $150. at Neiman Marcus

@GQ Style Russia
Fall/Winter 2014


#RichardPhibbs (Photographer)

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