WellDoc on iPhone for Diabetic Drivers

Last week, Ford was holding Ford’s press event which is introducing a new Sync app that is under development. The app was called WellDoc. It is an app for monitoring diabetic users, so they can log their meals and glucometer with the iPhone app. With this app, the Sync service will detect if you

Tired Pony interview & live in-studio session at Xfm London, London, England, 14 August 2013. Tired Pony (Gary Lightbody, Iain Archer, Peter Buck, Troy Stewart)

Setlist: Introduction / All Things All At Once / Interview / Dead American Writers / Interview / I Am A Landslide / Interview / The Creak In The Floorboards

Ford Sync bluetooth audio streaming fix

For whatever reason, bluetooth audio streaming stopped working on my Ford Sync system.  Hands-free calling worked fine, but I couldn’t stream any music.  I searched Google for some possible fixes, and the solution was to pull the fuse to reset the system.  I checked the manual to first locate the fuse box and pinpoint which fuse needed to get pulled.  Getting to that fuse was a major pain in the ass.  I got the fuse out ok, but getting it back in took a few tries.  I saw a few small sparks with each attempt.  I was afraid I was frying the system or something.  Eventually I got it back in, and started up the system again.  The screen was black for what seemed like an eternity.  I thought I had killed it.  Sync did boot eventually, and bluetooth audio streaming works once again.  At what point is technology going to advance beyond turning it off and turning it back on to fix a problem?  It would be nice if there was a power/reset button that was easily accessible.  How about a reboot option in the menu somewhere?  All I gotta say is that this better not be a recurring problem.

An article on CNN reported that the new system of Ford is called Sync 3. It will have a tablet-like interface. Drivers will be able to give voice commands more easily. For example, the new update will understand the addresses more smartly. Drivers will be able to say ‘two twenty five’ instead of ‘two, two, five’. Blackberry software will make the system more secure.

At a press event in Detroit today, Ford took the wraps off its new in-car infotainment software. Goodbye (and good riddance) MyFord Touch. Say hello to Sync 3, a heavily revamped software setup that leaves its slow, balky, frustrating past behind and takes notes from the faster, more-intuitive design of your smartphone. Sync 3’s features are familiar […]

Ford Sync 3 revealed: a whole new system with QNX

Ford Sync 3 revealed: a whole new system with QNX

By Chris Burns This week the folks at Ford have revealed their grand re-design of Sync. This is their in-car infotainment and control center software, and this release will be called Sync 3. The big departure comes in Ford’s ending of their relationship for software here with Microsoft – Sync and Sync 2 were made with Microsoft – and picking up of BlackBerry’s …



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Hey, It looks like you have a newer F150 with Truck Apps. If so, do you know how to delete a trailer from memory so that a different brake controller setting can be applied. Having to change it every single time is a bit annoying, although having the truck remember the trailer is helpful. Any help? GT

Hey, yep we do and I can understand your frustration.  It is buried in the app section next to the Off-Road program.  You have to click OK to get to it’s settings even though the system doesn’t really tell you to do so.

If you give me a few, i can go outside make a lil video and show you even better.

Ford se vrátí od dotykového ovládání k tlačítkům, my můžeme být v klidu

Ford upraví ovládání komunikačních, zábavních a informačních systémů v modelech vybavených rozhraním MyFord Touch. S odvoláním na zdroje ze samotné automobilky to uvedla agentura Bloomberg. 

MyFord Touch soustřeďuje ovládání rádia, přehrávání hudby, telefonu, navigace, palubního počítače a některých doplňkových funkcí (například) vyhřívání sedadel na velkou barevnou dotykovou obrazovku v horní části palubní desky.

Toto řešení sice přispívá k menšímu počtu tlačítek a tím i větší pociťované přehlednosti interiéru, ale jednoduchosti ovládání příliš neprospívá. Zatímco tlačítka lze díky efektu svalové paměti a hmatové zpětné vazbě obsluhovat po paměti, na dotykovou obrazovku se vždycky musíte podívat. 

Ford není zdaleka jediný, kdo se cestou dotykového ovládání vydal. Podobné systémy najdete například v některých Chryslerech a nadměrně na ně spoléhá i Jaguar Land Rover.

Pod vlivem zpětné vazby zákazníků i mediálních ohlasů se ale nyní Ford rozhodl změnit strategii. Do nových modelů s modrým oválem ve znaku se opět vrátí tlačítka pro ovládání tradičních funkcí jako rádio, telefon apod.

Možná stačilo, kdyby se američtí experti Fordu na ergonomii zeptali svých evropských kolegů. MyFord Touch je totiž severoamerickou záležitostí, „naše“ Fordy spoléhají na kombinaci relativně malého barevného displeje a dedikovaných tlačítek v kombinaci s tlačítky „softwarovými“, jejichž funkce se mění podle aktuální obrazovky.  

I na tomhle řešení by určitě bylo co zlepšovat, ale pro intuitivní obsluhu je určitě mnohem lepší než strategie „vše na dotykovém displeji“. 

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MyFord Touch has been among the most widely disdained automotive infotainment systems on the market, practically since its introduction in 2010. Consumer Reports was among the most vocal critics, all but advocating its lynching by an angry mob armed with torches and pitchforks. Not surprisingly, then, after such a critical walloping, Ford has finally decided to say goodbye to the unloved tech, declaring the end of MyFord Touch branding in favor of Sync 3 for its upcoming, all-new system.

Ford is promising everything you would expect from Sync 3, including faster response time, better voice-command integration, easier controls and a more useable interface. The screen layout includes fewer items to make them easier to discern, and the icons are made from large, high-contrast buttons. There’s also a dedicated tab for apps at the bottom of the screen in addition to those for audio, climate, phone and navigation. Another useful feature is the fact that Sync 3 can download improvements over your home Wi-Fi for easier updates.

In addition to the revamped interface, the software running behind the scenes is a big change too. Rather than MyFord Touch’s Microsoft-sourced system, Sync 3 uses the Blackberry-owned QNX, according to Automotive News. Such a switch was rumored earlier this year.

Drivers still have to live with MyFord Touch a little longer, though. According to Automotive News, Ford said that the change to Sync 3 will happen during the 2016 model year with complete integration into the lineup by the end of the 2016 calendar year. It will come standard on Titanium trim models and as a separate option will be priced in line with the current MyFord Touch. The Sync 3 brand will carry over to Lincoln, too, but with a different look.

The gallery above shows a few more looks at the interface, and we invite you to scroll down to watch a video of Sync 3 in action and to read Ford’s press release about it, below.

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Today I said to my car: “Play Album Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV: Volume 1: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness” and it repeated back to me in its computery voice “Playing Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV: Volume 1: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness” and I was really glad/impressed that it somehow managed to understand that hideously long album title.

Ford Fiesta - Kommunikationszentrale auf Rädern [sponsored Post]

Ford Fiesta - Kommunikationszentrale auf Rädern [sponsored Post] #ad #ford #fiesta

Als ich meinen Führerschein machte und mein allererstes Auto kaufte, gab es zwar schon Mobiltelefone. Diese und das Telefonieren damit waren aber preislich für einen 18 jährigen Schüler nicht bezahlbar und somit auch eine absolute Seltenheit. Mobile Kommunikation während der Fahrt bestand daraus, sich ein CB Funkgerät in das Auto einzubauen und eine riesige Antenne auf das Dach zu setzen. Damit…

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New Post has been published on Lamarque Ford - Ronnie Logues

New Post has been published on

Ford SYNC Features | Lamarque Ford | New Orleans

For the last few years, Ford has developed smarter technologies that enhance driving, safety and comfort. Driven by research and Ford’s competitive spirit, the company has found ways to improve their vehicles in a a wide variety of ways. With connectivity systems like SYNC, AppLink, and MyFord Touch, Ford has made its technology available to millions. Let’s take a look at Ford’s center console solution that is connecting drivers everywhere.

What Is Ford SYNC?

SYNC is Ford’s proprietary in-car communications system that allows drivers to interact with their vehicle and a device in new ways. SYNC combines advanced voice commands and services like traffic into the following features:

  • Hands-free calling. Without taking their eyes off the road, drivers can simply press the talk button on their steering wheels and say the name of a contact in their phones to make a call.
  • Audible text messages. Ford SYNC can read incoming messages out loud, and will even give the driver an option to reply.
  • Voice-activated music. When SYNC is paired with a phone or media player, it can recognize music playing commands and the titles of your songs, albums, artists, even genres.
  • Vehicle health report. SYNC is also connected to the vehicle’s sensors and monitoring systems, and can generate an overall health report and notify the driver via email or text.
  • Traffic. Integrated GPS allows the system to constantly monitor traffic conditions and can even notify the owner of traffic updates via text message.
  • Directions. SYNC offers turn-by-turn directions integration, as well as a search database of more than 14 million businesses, which can be accessed via voice commands.
  • Information. Ford owners can customize their voice commands content to match their needs, choosing from different categories like weather by city, sports scores, and news.

In addition, Ford SYNC offers an optional in-car WiFi, which works by plugging in a USB broadband modem in the center console and sharing the signal throughout the vehicle. As opposed to the competitors’ dealership installed solutions, this system allows the owner to upgrade to faster/different modems of their choice without any further set-ups or installations.

SYNC AppLink

AppLink is at its core a tool for developers to extend the capabilities of their apps. This translates into apps that can be controlled through voice commands and the buttons on your Ford’s steering wheel, without ever taking attention off of driving. Devices running Android and Blackberry can be controlled via Bluetooth and Apple devices via the USB charger.

Visit Lamarque Ford to see which vehicles come equipped with SYNC and to find out more about Ford’s in car technology.


Lamarque Ford is proud to be one of the premier dealerships in New Orleans, LA. Located in Kenner, LA, Lamarque Ford is committed to providing you the best customer service and vehicle service for the life of your vehicle. Whether you’re on the market to purchase, finance, or service a new or used Ford vehicle, you’ve come to the right place.

There are drive-throughs – but now there’s the drive-on. Ford and Domino’s Pizza have joined forces to create the first known fast-food e-commerce app that is integrated with an automotive telematics system, so that registered mobile customers of Domino’s now can execute a hands-free order of their favorite fast food […]

Editor’s note: We’re big fans of Mr. Doyle, Domino’s top guy, and we’re really big fans of this kind of technology vision. Don’t tell us no great ideas come from Detroit!

What Microsoft's Takeover of Your Car Will Look Like

What Microsoft’s Takeover of Your Car Will Look Like

Microsoft gave developers a close up and personal look at its plans for Windows at last week’s Build conference Buried amid all the excitement around Cortana and other developments was a sneak peek at the company’s in-car operating system concept See also: Microsoft Build 2014: Windows 8.1 Update, Cloud Mania and More Presented by Steve Teixeira of Microsoft’s developer division, the system…

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What Microsoft's Takeover of Your Car Will Look Like

Microsoft gave developers a close up and personal look at its plans for Windows at last week’s Build conference

Buried amid all the excitement around Cortana and other developments was a sneak peek at the company’s in-car operating system concept

See also: Microsoft Build 2014: Windows 8.1 Update, Cloud Mania and More

Presented by Steve Teixeira of Microsoft’s developer division, the system bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s recently unveiled CarPlay system. The four-minute presentation (watch above) showed off what Teixeira described as a projection of your phone’s screen onto your dashboard display Read more…More about Cars, Windows, Ford Sync, Connected Cars, and Tech