The fact that Cullen was originally intended to be bisexual is conveniently forgotten every single day, but when you want a bi Cullen mod you’re compared to rapists. 

When you like Dorian/Cullen you’re a homosexual fetishist for pairing the two ‘most attractive characters’ together regardless of personal opinions on that subject, when you like Cullen/Samson you’re trying to be ‘progressive’ or you’re fetishizing it otherwise, when you like Cullen/m!Inquisitor you’re just trying to turn him bi because you’d like to schlick to it and God knows there’s probably arguments about ‘internalized misogyny’ on that.

Because God forbid there’s actually people who want him reverted to the way he was originally intended to be implimented in the game and who enjoy the possibility of a bisexual character who wasn’t aware or wasn’t out every second of their life and that their sexuality would actually possibly be a point of discussion instead of just being the elephant in the room, and yes, that he’s attractive is definitely a bonus but don’t act like we’re the only ones guilty of that when you’ve been ignoring the bi Blackwall mod that’s been out for ages.

Frankly I don’t understand all these Lisanna bashing.

An artist, like an activist, is expected to financially hobble herself. Purity is as important as survival. There’s a constant criticism for earning “too much.” But as we slash the social safety net, once basic things—a home, college, a dignified old age—become mirages. It’s near impossible to live the average American dream on the average American salary.

Not talking about money is a tool of class war. A culture that forbids employees from comparing salaries helps companies pay women and minorities less.

Molly Crabapple writes for VICE

Currently in Stag

The voice wasn’t new but still took her by surprise. Unlike her first feeding a few days ago, Anna didn’t jerk away from the behemoth with a startled squeak thinking that Kristoff or God forbid Bracken had discovered her. Instead she opened herself further, mentally searching for the originator of the voice. It had come from within Anna’s own mind but felt totally unfamiliar like a stranger calling her name in a crowd of familiar faces. It was neither feminine or masculine, high or low. It was simply there taking up space and only served to catch the redhead’s attention and draw her closer.

           Hello? She called back. Is someone there?

           Your name is…Anna, the voice said, startling the redhead. In the three feedings she’d done in the dead of night while Kristoff and the rest of Tree Spring slept she’d never gotten the voice to engage her in conversation.

           Yes, she nodded enthusiastically, grinning. Yes it is—wait…shit! Where was I counting? Eighty? Damn I need to—

           You can…hear me? the voice questioned and Anna felt an unexpected tingle race down her spine like fingers gliding across her naked skin, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end. Something under the bark was looking at her, ancient eyes tracking over her body.

           Who are you? Anna pressed, looking up into the glowing tree boughs above that shone like so many stars in the night sky. Am I talking to the tree or something else? Are you a god? Are you the Horned Lord?

Surviving or Thriving

I’ve come to realize that I’m selfless to a fault.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but I actually believe that you can be selflessly idiotic.  I never do anything for myself.  I actually jump at the chance to help someone in any situation, but God forbid I do that for myself.  I’m so depressed, Bipolar, and Anxious that I actually only live to make sure others don’t suffer.  When it comes to me though, I let myself go.  I could actually care less about myself.  I have zero desire to see myself as happy.  I don’t know what it’s like to not suffer anymore.  I literally only live because I know how much my death would affect my family.  I’m not living for myself.  I want to so badly be happy and content, but no matter what I do I end up at square one: still manic, still depressed, and still anxious.  I’m so exhausted. All I want is a break from my misery, but I just don’t think it will ever happen.  There’s no way I’m going to live a long life.  I can’t manage to end a semester without an incomplete in a class or a withdrawal.  How in the hell will I ever have a career?! My goal at this point in life is to just somehow disappear with everyone’s memory of me, but we all know that’s not realistic.  F***, f***, f***. 

It’s interesting how “freedom of choice” makes abortion permissible
but God forbid you choose to not get vaccinated.

Fact 4499: In Greece, the dead are always buried because the Greek Orthodox Church forbids cremation. Five years after a burial, the body is exhumed and the bones are first washed with wine and then placed in an ossuary. This is done in part to relieve the shortage of land in Greek cemeteries.

Always Remember.

"Will you take a moment, promise me this
That you’ll stand by me forever
But if God forbid fate should step in
And force us into a goodbye
If you have children some day
When they point to the pictures
Please tell them my name
Tell them how the crowds went wild
Tell them how I hope they shine”

Okay, yeah, Thomas shot Newt. But hear me out. He could have just… like… not. In a world that was that technologically advanced, it would be really easy to fake something like that. I don’t know why someone would want to fake Newt dying, but that’s not the point. Obviously Thomas shot someone, but it could have been any crank that was “modified” to resemble Newt (and brainwashed to believe that’s who he was), while actual Newt is held captive somewhere, being studied or (God forbid) experimented on. Again, I don’t know who or what would do this, nor for what reason.
I know how unlikely that is, but a friend brought it up and I thought I’d put it out there.

Maybe I'm crazy but would you think this is rude?

My roommate just comes home with her boyfriend, doesn’t ask me if it’s ok, doesn’t let me know that he’s coming. I’m half dressed, watching my tv shows, enjoying myself because God forbid I get any time alone without having to lock myself in my room. They come here, she basically weasels her way to get the tv, they make out when I’m around, so I go in my room for the rest of the night. Yes she’s my roommate it’s her house too but he’s ALWAYS here. They can’t hang out at HIS house too? She has never even been to his house.

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The SS fandom is honestly irritating me. The other day I made this statement saying despite the few moments they had NaruHina had better moments than NS,SS,SK, & SNS. It was just my opinion. But a lot of SS fans got mad. Matter of fact they were the only ones who got mad. And I mean I wasn't even dissing SasuSaku. It's honestly ridiculous how one opinion could anger so many people -_-

welcome to the reality of the ss fandom—when people aren’t constantly putting ss on a pedestal or when someone DAREs to criticize either character (or GOD FORBID the ship as a whole), all hell breaks loose and the ss fandom fucking erupts

Amyntas literally twirled back to Sanctuary missing an arm like ‘sup I fulfilled my mission Pope, what now’ and he almost gave Shun a heart attack because “GODDESS, AMYNTAS WHERE IS YOUR ARM” and Amyntas just “well. I lost it.”

"Yeah, don’t worry —"
"Well it’s not like it’s the one I prized the most, so it’s okay"
"…. Pope?"
"Are you seriously talking about your dick, Amyntas, I swear to Athena"

And that’s why Shun forbid any of his Saints to go on dangerous missions and started going himself.

The single greatest thing that annoys me about the general fandom (in my experience of it) is how there seems to be a general sentiment that because Simon isn’t always trying to get into Kaylee’s pants or because he doesn’t have an initially enthusiastic response to Kaylee’s desire for a sexual relationship, he isn’t properly masculine or isn’t truly interested in her. That sounds to me like basically regurgitating (the hyper-“masculine”) Jayne’s opinion of Simon, to be honest.

God forbid a male not be a sex-obsessed skirt-chaser. God forbid Simon feels there are greater priorities in his life, feels his life situation makes sexual relationships inappropriate, feels uncomfortable having casual sex or having sex outside an established and stable romantic relationship, feels too emotionally or mentally or physically drained or all these things because of the circumstances of his life currently to have or be interested in a sexual relationship, falls under the asexual umbrella, or some of these things, or even all of these things.

Taylor taking a tumblr break isn’t anyone’s fault. God forbid she address the side of the story that is actually hurting and being labeled as horrible things for just addressing their issues about a bully.

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I have never seen that nerd gift set b4. Went out of my way 2 avoid it cause of Misha's disgusting comment about Gen. But just look at Jensen's face!! He clearly looks fucked off and then looks at Jared like can u be believe this prick and to see if Jared was OK. Yeah but minoins think thats OK but god forbid J2 bitch about airline lines or dont talk about Castiel at cons

I get the idea of the joke that Haha its on fire we hate that ride.

But you do realize that if the ride were actually ablaze people were PROBABLY IN IT or near it. Not only does it have significant value to female illustrators/designers (as well as a pretty nice message? Like god forbid we teach children to get along despite our differences??) its a classic Disney ride? Like nobody would be saying half this shit if it were the Storyland boats on fire.

Y’all realize its the same basic ride as Pirates of the Caribbean right?

asexual hijikata is really so important to me. i mean there’s so so so so SO little ace representation out there…..there are no characters who affirm they are asexual out there in the media. so having this one guy here who fits in with a lot of asexual characteristics and who has never really proven he could not be so…’s important. 

so no of course you don’t need to agree on hijikata being an asexual, but it is important and it makes sense for the character. nothing in canon forbids such view of him, and given the fact that we will never get the words, that is more than enough for it to make it a valid interpretation.

Where Have You Been All My Life

Title: Where Have You Been All My Life

Pairing: Reader x Cas

Request:  Anonymous said: Can you do one where Cas has a crush on Y/N but she has aboyfriend and Cas finds out he’s abusing her? He gets really mad and he’s confused because he hasn’t felt that strong of emotion before. He shows the guy that he messed with the wrong girl!

Warnings: Abuse,


Sitting in your car you tapped your finger onto the steering wheel. You were lost in thought looking at the bunker door. You were not allowed to be there or see any of the boys. Your boyfriend forbids it. You couldn’t understand why he was probably jealous. Looking down at your arms you noticed they were covered in dark bruises so was your face but you already covered that up with makeup but your cheek was still swollen.

Grabbing your hoodie that lay on the passenger seat you pulled it on before opening the car door and heading to the bunker door. As you stood in front of it you put your hand on the handle freezing. You couldn’t move you felt a lump grow in your throat. You had missed them so badly especially Cas. You couldn’t get him out of your head. You had always been in love with him but you didn’t know if he could ever love you.

Taking in a deep breath you pulled open the door walking in jumping slightly as the door slammed shut behind you. Looking down from the stairs you saw two head pop up from books. A small smile grew on your face as they stood up. You reached the bottom of the stairs sam and dean met you. Reaching out you gave both of them tight hugs. “Im so sorry I haven’t seen you in so long” You followed them over to the table but right before you got there you felt arms wrap around you from behind “Where have you been all my life” you laughed at the way cas had spoken and turned around hugging him tightly not wanting to let go.

Kissing the top of your head you smiled pulling away slowly as he did. You were about to turn and sit but he stopped you by your shoulders looking at your face intensely. You cocked your head confused on why he was looking at you that way. “what is it cas…” you spoke softly before your phone started to vibrate in your back pocket. “Why is your cheek swollen” he spoke before touching it and you flinched. Dean sat up straight trying to look closer at your face as did sam.

“N-nothing, I punched myself when I was trying to pull a rug” you tried to chuckle “and my hand slipped” you shrugged your phone going off again. “Are you going to answer that?” Cas asked as you pulled your phone out seeing it was your boyfriend calling. “No um” you stopped talking when you saw a text message from him pop up. “I know you are at the bunker you better get your ass home now” you swallowed forgetting he turned the GPS on your phone. “I have to go im sorry” you felt tears come to your eyes as you looked at the three of them not wanting to leave so badly your hand ending up grabbing cas hand not thinking when you did it. You didn’t notice he had tangled his fingers with yours and tightened the grip. You looked at your phone sighing before shoving it back into your pocket. “You don’t have to go…” you heard cas say in a low voice. Looking up at him in the eyes the tears threatening to spill out were about to.

You let go of his hand looking down just as a tear leaked out you wiped it away hoping they didn’t notice. “Y/N Just stay a little longer…we never get to see you anymore” you heard sam say as you looked over at the table “Iv been dying to play your favorite drinking game again” you heard dean say. The pit in your stomach grew and you felt like you couldn’t breathe you were pushing away your family the closet people to you. The people you loved dearly all for a jackass your to afraid to leave. “Im sorry” are the only words you could get out before the tears took over spilling down your face you looked away and started to sprint to the door but cas grabbed the sleeve of your hoodie stopping you. You watched as his face turned into shock then horror as he saw the dark bruises on your arm. He pulled you closer pushing it up the rest of the way. You saw his jaw clench and you pulled away. “He did this to you..” you heard him say harshly “Didn’t he?” you just shook your head “I have to go im sorry” you sobbed out running up the stairs and out of the bunker.

Cas just stood there shaking with anger dean walked up behind him putting his hand on his shoulder. “I don’t get it dean…why am I getting so angry…why do I care so much about her. I don’t understand dean…” dean patted his shoulder before his hand dropped “You are in love with her cas..” he turned around looking at dean confused as sam stood up walking over to him “I noticed that the first time you guys met.” Sam spoke as cas started to put everything together.


Your heart was racing as your duffle bag lay on your bed stuffing clothes into it as fast as you could. You could hear the front door slam shut and you froze. He had gotten home an hour early. Your hands were shaking with fear. Grabbing the bag you stuffed it under the bed hearing him throw open the door as it slammed against the wall making the already hole in the wall bigger. You backed up running into he night stand knocking over the lamp as he walked to you “what the hell were you thinking” he grabbed your arms pulling you away from the nightstand and against him. “Im sorry i-“ he cut you off by throwing you back into the nightstand making you fall to the ground. “Why are you so fucking stupid!” he screamed as he looked down at you. You felt like you couldn’t breathe as your back ached in pain. It was at the moment he saw your bag sticking out from under the bed. He grabbed it pulling it out seeing your clothes inside it. He threw it at you before starting over to you. You got up as fast as you could trying to get away.

He grabbed you from behind by your hair making you scream out “You think you can leave me?!” he screamed into your ear as tears flooded down your face “You think they can save you?!” you put your hands on his hand trying to make him let go but that only made it worse as he slammed your head against the wall making you black out. As you came to only seconds later your vision was blurry things were moving as the blur came clear you saw the ceiling as he dragged you by your arm. You started to pull and try to make him stop. He stopped and glared down at you twisting your arm making you scream once more as your elbow popped. You couldn’t stop screaming as he started to drag you with the same arm. As he got to the stairs he pulled you to your feet his hand around your neck and the other holding back your arms. “Lets see what your boyfriends think when you have an accident falling down the stairs.”

Trying your hardest to get away but you couldn’t closing your eyes you knew this was the end un tell you heard the front door slam open as sam and dean came in baring their guns. The blood ran down your forehead and into your eye making your vision blurring once again. Feeling your ex being jerked back you fall back with him you felt his hands let go as you smashed onto the ground.

You tried getting up but the dizziness set in as you reached forward grabbing the side railing feeling hands around your waist as sam started to pick you up. You wrapped your good arm around him as he picked you up and started to carry you down the stairs. Looking back you could see cas over top your now ex beating his fist into his face over and over again un tell dean pulled him back. “Cas stop! Hes almost dead!” you heard dean shout out but cas was fighting him trying to get back on top of the man. You saw that the daylight had turned into night as sam carried you out to the impala laying you into the back seat you hadn’t noticed you had been crying so hard that you couldn’t breathe. Cas had walked up to the impala looking inside at you before getting in pulling you into his chest as you wrapped your good arm around him as tightly as you could sobbing into his chest. “Shh..its ok…im here now…your safe” he spoke in a low voice rubbing your back softly. Dean and sam both looked back at the two of you with worry in their eyes but as dean looked at cas he could still see the anger that was in all three of them.


Days had pasted as walked out of your room in the bunker hearing the voice that you had loved so much. Walking into the room you saw cas talking to dean as a smile grew onto your face. Your arm was in a sling and your face was half bruised and broken as so was your body. Their eyes met yours and dean just nodded walking away touching your arm lightly. “Hey” you spoke as cas walked up to you putting his fingers under your chin leaning in and kissing you passionately. It took you by surprise but you still loved it your eyes shut as your arm slid around his waist leaning into him. As he pulled away you opened your eyes again looking up at him. “What was that for…” you asked and he just smiled before kissing you once again. You lost your feeling in your legs as your heart raced and butterfly’s filled your stomach. You have never felt this way before and neither had he but you both loved and were never going to let go of it.