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Changmin: “I do not want to become a star who does live performances on luxurious / flamboyant stages, I want to become an artiste who is able to sing songs which I can feel together with many people.”

Yunho: “I want to convey to everyone, that I am still working hard, still doing my best, and still embracing my dreams.”

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When asked if Karen sensed any part of Matt Murdock when she encountered the man in the mask - or the reverse - Woll said, “What’s interesting is that there are some conflicts between Karen and Matt throughout the series where, for her, Matt isn’t going far enough. So in a way, the Matt that Karen knows should be doing more, should be breaking the law or pushing the limits, to try and uncover the truth. I think it’s interesting that, in a way, they’re so alike, but neither of them can know it about each other, because they’re a little bit ashamed about that part of themselves that would stop at nothing. So it’s going to be fun, I think, over the course of the series, to see those similarities in both of them.”
—  Deborah Ann Woll about Karen & Matt being alike [x]
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what a shock that the popular, central canon couple on whom next season will be focused gets a dual photoshoot while the fanon ship doesn’t! shocking!!!! i must clutch my pearls and swoon!

But for real tho.. Like what did they think was honestly going to happen. I mean. It’s TOTALLY not like Emma’s final words in Season 4 were “I. LOVE. YOU.” to Killian or anything. I don’t know why we would be getting a photo shoot for the leading couple on the show…. *side eyes like a mad woman*

These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter Nine

A/N: Well hello everyone! So glad to be posting for this story again! I absolutely hate it when I have to miss a week of posting, so I apologize for the little pause. It’s just that I’m kind of about to graduate high school, so I’ve been testing literally all month. And on top of that, I had a musical to deal with as well haha.

So not wanting to mess up TWAAL in the slightest, I decided to give it a week longer to sit. I hope it was worth it, because this chapter got away from me again, growing long and kind of taking a mind of its own. Fun stuff.

Good news is, that Joshy is finally back in action here, and will be in the story from here on out.

Now anyway, big thank you to any and everyone who comments on the story, or has commented in the past. Every bit of encouragement truly helps me out, and I love each and every one of you for doing so.

And also, big thank you to the real mvp catching-dandelions, even though again, she’s flying blind into this chapter haha. Appreciate her support regardless however!

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And without further adooo…

When my mother and I walk back into our house, it’s no surprise that the men of the family are there waiting for us. Coming through the front door reveals the three of them, arms crossed and quizzical expressions all around.

“Where’d you two run off to so early in the morning?” my father inquires.

“And without telling us. What’s the big secret you’re trying to hide?” Ben adds.

A slight bead of nervousness courses through me; here we go again. Yet another group of people to inform about the baby, another group of people whose reactions are hard to assume.

But also, another group of people that will be there for my baby and I.

I swallow hard, and glance at my mother, meeting her eye immediately. Thankfully, she gives me a small, reassuring smile, and nods to the pictures I currently have clutched in my hand, tucked up against my side and away from the boys’ view.

Before we got to the house, my mother and I discussed how we would deliver the news to the rest of the family. Instead of building up tensions and stirring up my nerves, we came to the decision of simply handing them the sonogram pictures. It would be a sudden yet gentle way of informing them, showing my child and allowing the feelings to manifest before any discussion occurs.

“What? Did you get arrested or something?”

Blaine’s voice breaks me out of my thoughts, and I give him a slight glare.

“No, asshol-”

My mother nudges me for my language.

“…No, Blaine. Why do you always have to assume the worst?”

“Because I mean, with you, you never know,” he snorts.

“You’re not much better!”

“I didn’t jump out of a school bus!”

“Shut up, I still feel bad about that.”

“Case in point; you’ve been a troublemaker for years!” he quips.

My breath catches, my fingers grasping around the sonogram pictures even tighter than before.

“For once, I guess I have to agree with you on that,” I murmur, and hold out the pictures to my brother before I can convince myself otherwise.

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