Catch of the Day, oil painting by Paul Richmond

It was just another casual beachside stroll for our Cheesecake Boy hunk, until his shorts got snagged by a fisherman’s hook! Onlookers must suspect something fishy is going on as our hapless hero topples to the ground – his cheeks turning the same shade of red as his now-exposed undies. Only time will tell what happens next once the lucky fisherman reels in his greatest catch yet!

High school is an uncomfortable time for almost everyone—even, it seems, the stars of MTV. We asked a few of the teen-favorite network’s famous faces to spill embarrassing moments from their school days. Wardrobe malfunctions, nightmare nicknames, and other horror moments ahead:

Tyler Posey  (Teen Wolf)
“It was my final for gym class. You need to be in your gym uniform, otherwise they’ll mark you down 50 percent. I didn’t have shorts, so I borrowed this girl’s sweatpants and for some reason there was a slit in them, and the boxers I was wearing [that] day, my ‘mister junior’ falls out every now and then. We were playing football. I was running for a pass and my wiener falls out. I was like, 'OH MY GOD.’ I don’t think anybody saw, but you never know. That was awkward.”

Still can’t sleep, so let’s talk about tonight’s Wig in a Box wig and wardrobe malfunction!

Rebecca put the first wig on John’s head, and it fell off. John felt it fall off and it threw him off. Where “Miss Midwest Midnight Checkout Queen” is, he sang, “Suddenly I’m Miss Beehive 19…fif… Until I wake up… In my own bed.”

He was still lost going into the second verse, though! The second verse tonight went as follows: “Some girls they got natural ease. They wear it any way the please. And then I look up… From the… way I am?” But he was back on the ball with “I look up from my vermouth on the rocks.”

So then the rest of the song continues and we’re on track. The audience singing was on point, and it’s looking good. Since it was a crate show, the costume change happens right on stage. John ripped the jean jacket and shorts off no problem, but he and Rebecca could not get the hair dress on at all! They were both trying, but it wasn’t staying. Finally, John basically decided to say fuck it because he ended the song without the costume fully on… like most of it was hanging off, and he fell to the floor where he rolled around for a few seconds while we all clapped.

Naturally, this spawned some great improv to explain the entire situation: “Bob Wankel gave us 5 minutes for rehearsal. What the fuck can you do?”

Rebecca then zipped the hair dress up, and Hedwig says to Yitzhak, “It’s just gonna be so fucking easy for you, isn’t it?”

After doing the punk rock gesture, Rebecca got the final piece - the shawl with the red splotch on the back - and John goes, “Oh God, another fucking costume.” It went on without any problems, and he goes, “Oh look. It’s going on so easily!”

Wig in a Box was just… great tonight.

You guys! I was trying to take my #ootd pic outside but it is the windiest day in history I think. Sand in my eyes, in my mouth, my hair was everywhere, my kimono was one swoop away from a wardrobe malfunction 🙈 It was a disaster. by misschrisycharms


…I’m actually a little more happy with how this one came out. Hm. 

Day Nine Prompt: Outfit Switch

Title: And I Called Your Name (Part 9 of 12)

(Other Parts: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5/Part 6/Part 7/Part 8/Part 9 (here)/Part 10/Part 11/Part 12)

Synopsis: A small wardrobe malfunction occurs, and for once Juurou wears his heart on his sleeve.

AU: Childhood Friends AU

Pairing: Akashi/Furihata

Word Count: 1,100+

Note: Largely unedited because I’m just gonna churn these out with no time to go back and make them much better so please forgive any huge flaws you may spot.

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Process pics for my new ‪Cheesecake Boy painting Catch of the Day. In addition to the ridiculous reference photo, you can also see how there are compound wardrobe malfunctions at play here – the poor guy also lost his shoes and shirt sleeves somewhere between the sketch and painting stages! Order a limited-edition print of Catch of the Day here:

I officially have a sewing project with a deadline. A cousin is getting married next month and my friend gave me a beautiful sari, so I need to make the blouse and the petticoat. Which means that I will be doing pattern drafting p much for the first time also. Eep!

I’ve been doing a lot of googling and luckily there are a lot of good youtube tutorials (also a lot of brain-breaking ones and a lot of hilarious discussions about whether or not to go commando under your sari) so I think I can do this. Depending on how it goes I will try to post some pictures of the process!


People of DC.
Marriage. Adjustment.
People so busy trying to make sure that the image they display is perfect that they lose their sense of awareness of space.  These are the images that matter.  Not the carefully sculpted and framed and ‘shopped images which will be on the announcements.  There is superficiality here, not a sense of who they are as a couple, just construct.  But human none-the-less.

Rain and announcement.
Construct and marriage.
Romance and history.