@jackguinness: sorting out a little wardrobe malfunction with @harrystyles. #TBT

Wig in a Box
  • Wig in a Box
  • John Cameron Mitchell, Rebecca Naomi Jones
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch - 4/23/15

“Wig in a Box” live on 4/23/15

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This track is about 7 minutes long. It starts with “I tear the wig from my scalp” and ends with “What poor unfortunate creature had to die.” This includes the confusion that happened when the wig fell off John’s head and the aftermath of the wardrobe malfunction.

First verse changes: “Suddenly I’m Miss Beehive 19… fif… [something inaudible] Until I wake up… In my own bed.”

Second verse changes: “Some girls they got natural ease. They wear it any way they please. And then I look up… From the way I am.”

Dammit James!! I thought I was on board with this whole sassy purple scarf thing, but I know there are two buttons undone under there. What the hell man. You go around doing all these interviews and hide the chest? You think that peek of chest in the last episode was enough? Well you would be wrong. I am seriously pissed at that purple scarf. I hope it rots in hell.

(But James I’ll love you forever even with this calamitous wardrobe malfunction)

High school is an uncomfortable time for almost everyone—even, it seems, the stars of MTV. We asked a few of the teen-favorite network’s famous faces to spill embarrassing moments from their school days. Wardrobe malfunctions, nightmare nicknames, and other horror moments ahead:

Tyler Posey  (Teen Wolf)
“It was my final for gym class. You need to be in your gym uniform, otherwise they’ll mark you down 50 percent. I didn’t have shorts, so I borrowed this girl’s sweatpants and for some reason there was a slit in them, and the boxers I was wearing [that] day, my ‘mister junior’ falls out every now and then. We were playing football. I was running for a pass and my wiener falls out. I was like, 'OH MY GOD.’ I don’t think anybody saw, but you never know. That was awkward.”


My closet says “BUY NEW PANTS, PANTS” but my wallet says “HAHA GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.”

Seriously, it’s time for a visit to my local thrift store. I am seriously running out of passable jeans and summer shorts to wear.

Also: adding cycling to the routine is DEFINITELY making me feel tired at the end of the day. Fresh Air is such an amazingly potent thing!! :)