Okay so… Remember that chick from that game show where DBSK were playing the mice catching game? Or the one where they were playing the rock paper scissors game? (I think the show’s called Heroine 6.) For those who don’t know (or forgot) her name is Cho Hye-ryun.

Here’s a video of her in action…

WELL!!! I know because of her status as the funny girl and her short stature and hair she wasn’t considered one of the “cute girls.” I mean, it’s a thing, right? HOW-THE-FUCK-EVER!!!! Can we just appreciate how actually smokin hot she is?!?!!?!

I mean!!!!

Do you see how kinda flawless…!

How uber sexy!!!

How ridiculously cute!!!

How stupid pretty!

Let’s petition to make it known how incredibly AWESOME Cho Hye-ryun is!!! PLEASEU!!!!!