Imagine this: A loner girl meets a handsome outsider with a shady past and a bad-boy reputation. He tells her that he’s no good for her, that she’s better off without him, that she should stay away from him.

And she does.

And instead of getting caught up in whatever his angsty drama of choice is, she goes on an adventure. To college, maybe, or to beauty school, or faerie land, or she gets a job on a cruise ship and travels the world. She meets other young women and slowly learns that they are not vapid or silly for liking different things, they are potential friends as much as potential enemies or threats, and what they become is up to her as much as them.

The idea of being “not like the other girls” loses its charm. She makes changes. She makes friends.

Maybe she meets another guy. One who doesn’t warn her away immediately. One with whom she is not obsessed immediately. One who devotes effort to proving to her that he’s good for her, that he cares about her, rather than manipulating her into desperately trying to prove to him that he’s good for her.

Or maybe she doesn’t. Maybe she meets a girl. Maybe she finds that friendships and a successful career are far more fulfilling than romance, at least at this stage in her life.

Imagine that.

aesthetic: lava lamp badly photoshopped onto a stock photo of a grinning couple playing a video game together by each holding one end of the controller, because apparently thats how video games are played when you’re married, awkwardly squished into each other as you engage in a strange tug-of-war as you each try to effectively utilize half of the controller, grinning emptily at a screen where your character undoubtedly spasms in agony in response to your desperate nuptial button-mashing, longing for the inevitable approach of pre-programmed enemies whose coming heralds the sweet release of virtual death, and the end of a pointless life, being jerked around uselessly by a couple struggling against each other in a painfully ironic attempt to show togetherness and cooperation in marriage. a lava lamp is photoshopped emptily atop the controller, its gentle alien goop and innocent uselessness striving to distract from the unnatural horrors of the prison that is the modern american family

Better Sex Than Never 

How better to spend these last few minutes of breathless anticipation than to read some porn? Written for the incomparable maladyofthequotidian who requested, and I quote “Sex. :D”. 

Jane Austen once described anticipation as “…that sanguine expectation of happiness which is happiness itself.” 

Jane Austen was full of crap. Laura’s fairly confident that she can make this assertion.

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川* ^_〉^)<Maa-chan desu!

ハo´ 。`ル   <Duu-chan desu! 

川* ^_〉^)<Tanoshi desu!

ハo´ 。`ル   <Yokatta desu!