I take comfort, pride and a fuckton of joy out of the fact that my favs are grown men close to their 30′s that just came back with an incredibly mature single that showed their growth as musicians perfectly - and then they do this!

The hair, the dance, the song, the silliness.

And then Amber comes on stage with a fucking straw taped to her face instead of a microphone.


Literally, Jasper is a rapist who is blackmailing the fucking princess with revenge porn that he took when she was drugged and drunk without her consent or knowledge. Jasper continues to make threats against her and uses this tape as leverage to continue sleeping with her, which is abusive.

Seeing this just pissed me off big time. Like what the actual fuck.

He isn’t dreamy. He isn’t sexy. He is a fucking abusive rapist asshole jerk.

And they shouldn’t fucking do shit like this where they diminish his actions and try to make him seem like an attractive, likable guy.


Lies are like scars on your soul. They destroy you.

Xiuhan's Secret Tape for damthemboys

"What’s with the camera, Minseok?"

"So you can see how good you look when you beg for more."

"I hate to break it to you but I’m not the type to beg."

"We’ll see about that."

The Escapist

Legend: A woman is left for dead and then buried in a shallow grave. She awoke and then dug herself out of the grave. 

This legend is true. A man tried to kill his girlfriend of six years. He teased her, taped up her hand and feet and stuffer her in an old TB box. He then buried her alike and withdrew 500 pounds from her bank account using her ATM card. The woman user her engagement ring to cut through the tape and dig herself out of her grave. 



Annie Lennox as a whole pisses me off something awful right now, but this part right here, her moralizing comments about the children somehow affected by Beyonce’s sexuality and omg ~twerking~, really rubbed me the wrong way because it’s not like she really cares.

You can find the first set of tweets (a combined response to her comments on Beyonce-as-feminist, her cover and white washed explanation of “Strange Fruits”, and her silence on white artist doing the same thing she’s blasting Beyonce for) here. It’s just WAY too long for me to screencap at this time because I went in and went off.


anonymous asked:

Do you know the story of how Eliza got cast as Clarke? She didn't even audition. They saw her audition tape for another movie and seeked her out. Best part? At that time Eliza was in LA suffering from getting her credit card swiped. With no money she was ready to give up and go back home to Australia. They called her in the same day she was gonna book the flight to leave and instantly got the part. If that is not a fucking miracle story then I don't know what is.


I remember, after the pilot got picked up I saw Bruno. We were in his office and I said, “You can be honest with me: How many episodes in before I get kidnapped by Red John and I have duct tape on my mouth? Just tell me now, because I know it’s coming.” He said, “Robin, honey, I promise you: You will never be kidnapped by Red John and you will never have duct tape on your mouth.” And guess what? I never got kidnapped by Red John and I never had duct tape on my mouth. They really like to put women in Hollywood with duct tape on their mouth, tied to chairs by the villain. But it never happened to me and I thank you for that, Bruno Heller.
I hear my name, and I run out. I grab the mic, I run around, I throw it up in the air, watch it flip 3 or 4 times, catch it. I welcome everybody to the show, and then I answer questions for about 5-10 minutes. By that point the control room’s completely ready, and then I say ‘y’all ready to do the show?’ and they say ‘yes!’ en masse, and then I go ‘alright!’ and throw the mic to my stage manager. I get on the podium and sit behind the desk and then last looks. I have my face touched up again, mic gets adjusted on my tie by sound. And then it’s just me and my make up artist, she does last look of my face, my hair is so helmety, she does last touches on my hair. As she touches down my hair, I’ll brush down the back of her head, as if we’re about to kiss or something like that. And if the audience is paying attention, they’ll laugh. If they don’t laugh at that moment, I know that I have to work a little bit harder at the top of the show to get them to pay attention to me. But that’s my test. And then we do the show.