dan younow highlights

-he fell out of his chair
-they went to barcelona for a day and nobody knew about it damn they are good at keeping secrets
-dan also says that they weren’t mobbed
-the new danisnotonfire video is ‘something he should have made ages ago’ my shipper heart is dreaming a dream
-the video will possibly be up thursday?
-cool book related thing for american fans being announced soon
-dan was talking about how he would win all the dan vs phils if the all or nothings didn’t happen and phil shouted “NO YOU WOULDN’T” from the other room that was really cute
-anahita continues to be #1 fan someone stop her
-someone yelled at dan for being meme trash and he answered ‘sorry didn’t meme to offend you’ i genuinely hate him i’m going to turn this into a phil blog i s2g
-he wore the zipper shirt
-he emphasized that his life is fantastic rn aka stop worrying so much about them


Dan’s liveshow 5.5.2015

  • #dtothehizzle
  • spent the day dusting
  • enjoyed NYC - liked seeing all his friends
  • was freaking out whenever someone asked for a volunteer from the audience
  • news later this week about the book
  • mario kart all or nothing - didn’t mind losing (aw)
  • dan said something along the lines of “I would usually win if it wasn’t for all or nothing” and phil yelled “THATS NOT TRUE! I would win….some of the time” (basically is was adorable)
  • liked the Avengers - more waffling about how he loathes 3D movies
  • apparently dan and phil went to Barcelona for a day and visited the dragon city offices
  • have been playing alot of the game and have ALOT of dragons
  • new danisnotonfire video soon
  • HE FELL OVER IS HIS CHAIR (i was crying laughing)
  • what made it even better is that he was talking about his being inspirational as he fell over and then proceeded to just lay on the floor in shame (it was great)