Omg. Guys. At symphony dress rehearsal tonight there is a young trombone player that is the SPITTING IMAGE OF KRISTOFF. Even better than the face characters. I’m not kidding. Rosy cheeks, build, NOSE, everything!
We’ve been smiling and glancing towards each other all evening. All I can think is “omg why did I have to be scuzzy tonight, please are you single, damnit brain get out of the gutter but omg that NOSE that SMILE, did he just blush too?” HOT DAMN I’M LIVING A KRISTANNA AU.

I Am Not Parallel with My Past Selves

i. I was in my bed and the ache of August was growing inside me. The veins in my skin spread like maps; all roads lead to dead deer heaving on roadsides. My mother had told me to dream with the angels and there I was, wide awake and suffocating.

ii. I was standing on the edge of the cliff with everyone else and they all opened their parachutes, they pondered where to land and what to do once they got there. I had a pair of scissors in my hand, I considered cutting the strings before I jumped. 

iii. I was back in my bedroom and the inevitable winds had torn the door open, I stood exposed to the cold and my rib cage was out for the world to see. “This is what I’ve done. This is what I am. This is all I’m ever going to be.” 

iv. I couldn’t stomach the nosebleeds and scars, and there was nothing or nowhere new to swallow. And then…

v. I am sitting in the sand, the river and its woods a small country for my airplane mind to land on. The capitol is a field of pink milkweed. The people come forward and we speak the same language. 

vi. I am in the dark with a lantern mouth, and slowly everybody starts to unzip their sweaters; their rib cages resemble mine. I am not alone. I was not alone.

vii. I am with you and we are learning to walk while shielding our eyes from the sun. Your hand in mine. I am still used to bruised knuckles and stomachaches; the demons were in my heart for so long their absence is foreign to me. But this new fight is a good fight.

I am human, not permanence. 

This girl at school today was wearin a tae homeboy sweatshirt and lookin lonely so I went up to her and was like hey I LIKE YOUR SWEATSHIRT and she looks up all startled and says uh-uh thanks it’s a reference to… Uh something. And I naturally got very excited and say IS IT A TAEMIN SWEATSHIRT and I swear I’ve never seen someone look like they just found Jesus so clearly

word-for-word transcript of my roommate going to bed.
  • girl:hey boyfriend?
  • boy:hey girlfriend?
  • girl:will you tell me a bedtime story?
  • boy:which one?
  • girl:the one where the boyfriend loves the girlfriend.
  • boy:once upon a time, there was a boyfriend who loved his girlfriend very very much. the end.
  • girl:that's my favorite story.
  • boy:i will always tell you that story.