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So I’ve been reading about medieval fasting, especially the fish day fasts as practiced by various monastic orders in England, and one of my favourite things is how they decide what counts as fish?

It’s pretty straightforward most of the time, and then you get things like

Barnacle geese: Definitely a fish? They come from barnacle trees, there’s no way they’re meat.

Puffins: Fish. No, we don’t know why. Just go with it, do you want to be eating herring again?

Beavers:  Tricky.  The front bit is a mammal, but the tail is scaly and they live in water, so they could be fish? And this is where you have to admire the minds behind these rules, because faced with an animal that looks like two different things they didn’t waste time trying to make a decision, they were just like, “fuck it, looks like two animals, counts as two animals. Tail’s fish, rest of it isn’t.”  Job well done. 

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This might seem bad but I really just want to see Haise breakdown and just start complainin like he's been through so much and he keeps all of it bottled up I feel like he deserves the right to complain

He does deserve the right to complain

He could go an entire chapter just complaining about his shitty life and I’d be fine with it

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Misogyny is why everyone hates Laurel? Then why are all the other female characters-- Felicity, Thea, Sara, Lyla, Moira, Tatsu, etc-- popular? Why not just admit that the writers failed the character and that they switched their focus on aspects of the show that worked better?

A) When have I E V E R pretended for a single second that the writers didn’t fuck Laurel over many a time and don’t continue to do so? Never. That’s when. You must have me confused with someone else.

B) Laurel could be the worst character ever to exist (she isn’t), and people being misogynistic in the expression of their hatred of her would still, in fact, be misogynistic.

C) Yo, it is entirely possible and super fucking common for the hate directed at a female character to be misogynistic in nature w/o the people in question directing that same hatred at every other female character to exist. Pitting women against each other and declaring some of them Good women and others Bad women is pretty much Misogyny 101, in fact. Or to put it another way: a dude who calls women who won’t go out with him stupid cunts is a misogynist regardless of whether he’s nice to women who do go out with him.

D) You are being straight up fucking disingenuous when you attempt to put Thea, Sara, LYLA?, MOIRA???, Tatsu?!?!?!! in the same realm of popularity as Felicity. Let’s be real: Arrow fandom, in general, loves Felicity and hates Laurel and doesn’t give a fuck about any other female character ever, outside of small portions of fandom dedicated to stanning specific women, but really only Sara. And no small amount of the Sara stanning manifests as being fucking horrible about Laurel and blaming HER for Sara’s demise and mistreatment instead of the asshole MALE producers who killed her off for shock value.

E) Even Felicity isn’t safe from misogynistic bullshit as soon as she dares do something fandom doesn’t like. Or do you want to pretend people weren’t disowning her and calling her a whore when she told Oliver she didn’t want to be a woman he loved and slept with Ray?

Sorry. I’m going to have to give you an F- on this ask for utter failure to even begin to understand how misogyny works or recognize it when it’s right in front of your face. Do better next time.