Screencap Meme - Daredevil + Bruised & Battered

Requested by babageneush

                                                            ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦

pain. pain was all she could feel. pain in her legs, pain in her arms, pain in her heart. pain in her body; which she couldn’t move. all she could do is lie, face down on the rocks. she let a tear slip out of her eye.

her arm. she could barely move her arm. her head tilted to the side; but moving her arm sent an instant jolt of pain through her body. she was alive. no…no…she was alive. but nobody knew where she was; so maybe she’d die anyways. hopefully.

My last post for some time – after the next update on the new house. I have a few more recent photos I could upload but they’re not my favorites and I believe we should not waste the planet resources (and Yahoo’s) running servers to store crap and I also believe the followers of this blog deserve only the best and so, since I have a new house to finish and it is Spring and a forest to maintain and my time on tumblr will now be reduced to half an hour in the morning and my time to shoot practically null… Stay well. See you soon.