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"Gold" by Steve Kazee

Watch out for the foot stomping and the “hey”.

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Ha, good point :)

I am keeping the (very) basic structure of it the same or similar…the section where Anakin is like six and Padmé is mumble-something years old is becoming metaphorical, and the Jedi/Senator part is staying mostly the same (my “Padmé” isn’t a Galactic senator but she does occupy a position of power in a public forum). The Anakin in my story is still spiraling down to the Dark Side…all those little bits will still be there in some way. I’m just taking out the *pout* *footstomp* “It’s not FAIR!” (seriously he says that like six times and I’m like how is this obnoxious little twat DARTH FUCKING VADER but I digress)

Noura Mint Seymali - Tzenni

Sounds like: Angelique Kidjo, Goat, Tinariwen

Song: Noura Mint Seymali - Tzenni

What’s so good?

Africa may have found its latest female singing star, and she comes from Mauritania.  Noura Mint Seymali is a name you aren’t likely to have heard, but in West Africa, she has celebrity status. She comes from a successful and musical family, and has performed as a griot. As a Mauritanian, Seymali is likely to have grown up with the desert blues of bands like Tinariwen, and it is of little surprise that her opening venture into Western music strays down similar paths. The result? A footstomping, hypnotic track full of spice. “Tzenni,” meaning “to spin or turn,” sums up the psychedelic tone to the song, which possesses a dizziness in its repetitive nature. The opening is a rambling few seconds of improvisation, with Seymali playing the ardine, and the radically contrasting electric guitar provided by her husband, Jeiche Ould Chighaly. This hints at what is to come. However, when Seymali’s echoing vocals emerge, there is a clarity and power in her voice to be truly admired, whether you can understand the words or not. Halfway through the track, when she reaches for the high note, you can’t help but exhale in wonder. With the word “Tzenni” the recurring hook, the spinning motion is hard to ignore; so, too, is the melody. The distortion of the electric guitar is reminiscent of Goat and other psychedelic bands, and has a commanding presence. Like all great fusion music, the two cultures and genres mixing together are clear, but neither stands out over the other. The presence of the ardine is constant, and makes the texture of the song far more interesting. With a voice such as hers, and with a few more songs like that, Mauritania may be forced to share Noura Mint Seymali with the rest of the world.      

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Been demoing! For new album working title “Lillith Shrugs”. So many songs, such a cosmic rationale to play with.

Meanwhile some September dates:

Saturday 6th The Courthouse Hotel in Mullumbimby, NSW with The Re-Mains $15

Wednesday 10th The Bearded Lady, West End BNE, with Leah Flanagan and more - presented by Footstomp for the Unofficial Big Sound program

Friday 12th Upstairs To The Left, Woollongabba Qld, solo, with Leah Flanagan and Sahara Beck

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