Leon Goretzka Imagine for love-christmas

This was it! It was one of the biggest days of your life. In just a few moments, you would officially be done with school. Graduation was finally here. After so many years in grad school and then a couple years in college, you were so ready to just get it over with and begin your life in the real world. As much as you had enjoyed your time in school, you were glad it was over.

You would miss your school mates and what not, as most people do, but you couldn’t help but feel that something better awaited for you in the future. You were finally graduating and next week was the first week of your new job. A month before your graduation, you had received a job offer from one of the best newspapers in Gelsenkirchen. You would finally become a reporter.

Looking out at all of the people that were in attendance at the graduation ceremony, you spotted your parents. You smiled at them as they waved at you, the pride apparent in their faces. Your friend, who was sitting next to you on the stage elbowed you in order to grab your attention. The administrators were officially calling the names of the students from the graduating class in order for them to receive their diplomas. Your friend had elbowed you because they were two people away from calling your name.

When your name was finally called, you got up from the seat to go get your diploma. When you were half way there, you turned around once more to sneak a look at your parents. What you saw, almost made you trip on your heels. Next to your parents, in the seat that had been previously empty, sat Leon Goretzka, your boyfriend.

You were shocked. He wasn’t supposed to be here. What was he doing here? Didn’t he have training today? You continued walking and recieved your diploma. The whole time, your eyes remained lock on Leon.

When the entire ceremony was over, the first thing you did was look for Leon and your parents. You found them admist the crowd. Your parents pulled you into a hug and congratulated you. They stayed for a while, before leaving you and Leon, saying that he would take you home. When they left, that was when you finally turned to Leon.

"What are you doing here? Didn’t you have training today?" He didn’t reply to your question. Leon pulled you into a hug, which you immediately replied to, and then he answered your question. "That is what I said, you are correct, however, I wanted to surprise you so I might have told you a little white." You lightly hit him on his shoulders. "You suck." His response was pulling you tighter to him. "No I don’t, I’m an amazing boyfriend and you know it."

You leaned up and pecked him on the lips. “I won’t deny that. I’m really glad your here.” He pressed a kiss on your forehead. “I’m really proud of you. All of your hard work is finally paying off.” You smiled up at him. “Let’s go home.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you towards his car. “Let’s go.”

- I hope you liked it :D