reasons why footballers should pick me to be their wag:

  • i’m pretty cute
  • football is my life
  • i’ll actually give a shit about your career and your games and your fitness
  • i’ll want to go to all of your games (even tho that’s not always possible)
  • i’m not after your money, just your love
  • i’d walk around our house in nothing but your jersey
  • i’ll be super supportive of you through the good times and bad
  • all this applies unless you want to play for man united

So our homecoming game was last night and it was raining its ass off. When our queen was crowned, her boyfriend on the football team sprinted over from his team just grabbed her and kissed her like a man…. IT LIKE A FUCKING MOVIE BUT IT WAS REAL LIFE. OHMYGOD.

I’m dead.


beyonce was 6 when jay z was 18.

you have a chance.

I honestly have no idea how I survived today there was so much narry. First Harry was so happy to stand there and bring Niall drinks and give him tips. Then the second half was gold.
As soon as Harry stood up to start warming up he first went over to Niall and there was some definite kisspering. Whilst warming up at one stage he ran over to Niall and kind of ran in for a hug and started poking at him, it was cute. Once Harry was warmed up he should with Niall and waited to go on all the while talking between themselves. When Harry did go on Niall was really watching him and making a big deal when Harry let it go out of bounds. When Liam came off Niall made Harry captain.
Harry got tackled (fell over) and straight away Niall took a few steps on the pitch and started calling for a penalty (to be fair he also did this when Louis got tackled and Liam fell over, so protective of his boys). So when Harry got chosen to take the penalty Niall kept shaking his head and trying to get someone else to go in for him. In his defence Harry didn’t want to do it either at first but then it was like he wanted to prove himself. So Harry got set and Niall was already preparing for him to miss, but he didn’t. Niall obviously celebrated, but the beat part was. Everyone was hugging Harry and congratulating him but the first thing he did was run over and hug Niall and give him a little slap on the butt.
Then during the first few penalties they stood close to each other. After Niall missed he went back over and everyone consoled him including Harry.
Basically this was an amazing day and I got to witness it, I’m so happy.