I was hungry at around 10:30 pm. Mom wasn’t home yet since it’s her office’s MOR (monthly office review). *deep sighs*

11:30 pm |

She just got home and unexpectedly, she brought home these goodies. I simply cannot thank her enough for saving my hunger. Charaught. 😂😋 but seriously, no more diet for this girl. Haha. Nom nom. 🍴

Merry Christmas favorite dongsaeng!

Stay warm! Also, I haven’t really cooked for you lately, so here enjoy!


Oppaaaaaaa!! Waaaah thank you so much! I love it!! -hugs the jacket- AND MAN YOU COOKED SO MUCH. LET ME LOVE YOU MORE OH MY GOD THANK YOU!
Merry Christmaaaaaaaas! 

I want to write more stuff about me here so if you want to skip the personal details of my daily boring life blacklist #personal :p

Sooo… I said I’m gonna cook lunch for me today. Brb searching for recipes with the keywords turkey, tomato sauce and noodles. I’m no jamie oliver but I want something nice today ✌

I was tagged by hakyeons-fabulous-forehead <3 Thank you and sorry it has taken so long for me to do this!

1 Insecurity: how people perceive me
2 Fears: Failing, Letting people down 
3 Turn Ons: Lovely Personality, Passionate, Kind and caring person
4 Life Goals: too graduate university, to become a paediatrician, to find my other half and to start a family
5 Things I Like: hockey, music, foooooooood, cooking, tv
6 Weaknesses: I’m too nice, too trusting, easily hurt (just don’t show it), find it hard to open up to people, stress way too much, people sometimes use me because I don’t want to lose their friendship … I don’t know how to explain it, but that’s pretty much it
7 Things I Love: music, books, my family, my friends, hockey, food, writing 

8 people I tag: kong-tv, districtfalls, hopeless–bookworm, music-is-everything-143, excelsisprince, en7875, tamtae143, fluffeoy

No longer a b&w blog~

I got tired of being a black and white blog really fast oops, so im going back to my old scenery roots! with the mix of kfashion/fooooooooods and w/e I think might blend in~ sorry for all you new followers but maybe you will like my scenery blog ? well I guess all there’s left to say is TADAIMAAAAAAAAAAA 


Foooooooood!!!! >:D Salsa and vegan wrap. Didn’t have the ingredients to make the wrap itself but the rest is homemade. (: (Also with some homegrown jalapeños and chili peppers from last year)


This summer, sometime between June and July, I’ll be biking from Lynden, WA to San Diego, CA along the coast.

It’s. Going. To. Be. Epic.

First off, the total route is about 1700 miles. I plan to set up a donation page to raise $1 per mile I will be riding. Stay tuned for an update! I want to post a few photos and some commentary every day of the ride, so feel free to follow along on my journey.

The amazing BT will accompany as my sag wagon (driving my car as I bike), providing rider support and foooooooood. I’m going to eat so much food.

I estimate the ride will take about 35 days, and with a few rest days thrown in there maybe 40 total.

Good luck!

Lil overflowing/ugly but v good. Scrambled egg with red onion, ham, and spinach on a bruschetta bagel with an herb and garlic goat cheese spread. Unsweetened iced Melon Drop tea from David’s Tea. Smoothie with spinach, almond milk, frozen banana, and a splash of guava/mango juice.

I just really love foooooooood.