do you ever feel bad for the characters that didn’t make it to the the future series? Like Qwark’s monkey and Slim cognito, Skid Mcmarks, Sasha, Helga, etc… It kinda pisses me off that Qwark, my least favorite character got to follow Ratchet and Clank on their new adventures only to be a whiny son of a Qwark while all my favorite characters got left behind  

I’m still somewhat new to tumbler. One thing that has really struck me over the last few weeks is that foolowing certain people was a mistake (un-following them one by one). There are huge numbers of really awesome people using tumbler, but there are also misogynistic ass holes, trans-phobic idiots, and a wide range of other undesireable types. I’ve descovered that quite a few people make several really awesome posts, then prove that they really know how to be ignorant jack asses.