pazquale said: I believe with the new realignment, they should put two teams on the west to at least balance it out with the east

I don’t think they SHOULDI think they WILL. Based on my interpretation of the new realignment, they’re planning to expand into Seattle and some Midwestern city (probably KC), and they want to move Florida to Quebec (more likely franchise to move and higher priority city to move to) and Tampa Bay to Toronto (less likely and lower priority).

foogos answered: The NHL should be afraid of unproven hockey markets. I’d put money on any of the top 4, nothing on the rest & more love for Hartford..

I’d love to have the Whalers back, but I really don’t see it happening. And I might put money on KC, while I’m not sold on it, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

To both: Phoenix is a wild card, though. If the NHL expands to Seattle before Phoenix moves there, the Coyotes are kinda stuck. A move to anywhere other than the west coast would require more realignment, which means Portland or chaos for the NHL. (Well, Vegas, maybe. But probably not.) If the Coyotes move to Seattle before the NHL expands there, then, well, either A.) Portland or Vegas gets the new team needed to fill out the Pacific division B.) no expansion at all, the NHL operates with mismatched conferences or C.) another round of realignment. 

In other words, the NHL really wants Phoenix to stay in Phoenix. (As if all the blocked moves and stuff weren’t enough evidence…)

Tomas Goutersven is a character I created Wednesday after I found out (the hard way) that a healthy marathon-running, pro-wrestling training, food-art making stud like myself has gout. Despite the awful arthritic pain, I’m glad some good came of it. And that gout is not some crazy STD like I thought. (Don’t judge, I’m an artist not a science doctor guy.)

Vasos y termos para bebés: Pura Kiki vs Tommee Tippee Explora First Sips vs Thermos Foogo Fases Sippy Cup

Vasos y termos para bebés: Pura Kiki vs Tommee Tippee Explora First Sips vs Thermos Foogo Fases Sippy Cup #bebés #vasos #termos

Cuando llega el momento del destete, tenemos que pensar en alguna taza, vaso o botella para que vaya bebiendo algo de agua y que cumpla unas características determinadas, sobre todo que no tenga fugas y que el niño pueda manejar con comodidad desde los 4 a los 9 meses.

Nos han gustado tres vasos / biberones / termos: Pura Kiki, Tommee Tippee Explora First Sips, Thermos Foogo Fases Sippy Cup.


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