I love a pop o’colour in the kitchen and thought others might as well.

Single catalog files and I think 50 of them even have custom thumbs - then I ran out of patience, so yeah fugg’em =) Files are not merged so you can pick and choose what you want. The food processor has been simified using Simlish Space by ajaysims (ty!) The lovely brick wall is by k-hippie (ty!)

Made with Sims 4 Studio

Downloads have been split by colours, by maxis content, by custom content or by all.  They are all available HERE at Dropbox


Sandy@ATS4:Artsy Dining - Artsy Cup

Angela@TSR:Keira Dining - Plates&Bowls  Kanto Garden - Tea Tray

Buffsum@TSR Munich Dining - Napkin,Plate,Small Plate

Pilar@TSR:RedChristmasDining - Cup&Milk BrocanteDining - Cocotte&Tazones

Pilar@Simcontrol:FoodSet - Tazos Knorr

Shino&KCR@TSR:Autumn - Sugarpot,TeaCup,Stacked Cups,Teapot,TeaPot&Cup

Dark Chocolate Kitchen - Plate,Stacked Plates,Tureen,Pitcher

Kitchen Clutter - DecoPot,FoodProcessor,Wok,Juicer,SmallPlate