The City of Gentle People: A Food Journey

Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental is known as the home of the first Protestant and American university, Silliman University. But aside from being academically inclined, the place is also a stop for their very yummy and affordable silvanas in the Philippines. Just this past week, we were given the chance to meet the place up close & personal for 3 days and not just their unique resto’s & cafe’s!

Hayahay Treehouse Bar and Roofdeck

This was the first restaurant that caught our eyes: it was located just beside the sea in Rizal Boulevard and it has that opm-lover vibe so we delved in! Also, we researched beforehand and saw that it serves Dumaguete Express which got us really curious! It’s the one on the right :)

Cafe Blanca

Our next stop was Cafe Blanca! It was also located near the beach and we needed something to fix our coffee/something-cold craving so we ordered their best-selling frappuccino.


Our next stop taught us the universal teaching looks can be deceiving. Their interiors looked rustic on the outside and it was really spacious on the inside (like good for studying or reading) but their food was kind of disappointing, as if I was the one who made it and that is saying something cause I can’t cook. My chicken sandwich was made out of burnt bread - yeah well, you get the point.

2 Story Kitchen

The 2 Story Kitchen is a coffee/food/drinks/dessert/sandwich/korean food place so it has basically everything! It is owned by a Korean (which I knew instantly because of the books on display).

We were depressingly dissatisfied by what we had in Scooby’s so we decided to look for a pizza place just to compensate for our poor decision. Haha! This place was instantly my favorite, I’ll show you why:

Just like some Korean resto’s in the Metro, you are also offered an option to sit on the floor, which we did! :D It’s like a clash of the West and South Korea.

They had the best pizza!! No words could describe it, you have to taste their pizza at least once in your life to truly live, haha!

What I like about the restaurants and coffee shops in Dumaguete is that they’re all different from each other, catering to the vast variety of your moods or feelings. They’re very creative and distinct from each other that I’ll love to visit more food places next time!

PS This fried icecream was the bomb! You can get it for only P55 at the Panda Icecream in Dumaguete City as well :)

Link me up to your food trips on the comment section so I can try them out soon too! :)

Stay tuned for more Negros Oriental adventure! ;)


Recently in home cooking! I make toast and noodles a lot. I’ve been getting a lot of asks about links to recipes again. I’d love to link to recipes but I don’t use recipes so I don’t have any to link to.

Most of it is pretty straightforward, though. I don’t have time to make food from scratch, so I usually buy curry bricks, and those come with instructions on the back. Ramen is made with frozen ramen packages which also come with instructions. I don’t have a toaster or oven, so toast is toasted on the stovetop to a golden brown and then additional toppings are added.

Once in a while I get a nice ask sharing cooking stories. I enjoy those so thank you for sharing! :)


NYC in Foods Consumed

We managed consume nearly all the items on our to-eat list during our stay in NYC. This pleases me.

1. Bagel with scallion cream cheese. 👌

2. Hot dog with sauerkraut from street vendor. 👎 I paid for this hot dog. In the bathroom. (I shit you not.)

3. New York style pizza.👌👍👐🙏🙌 ✊👆👐 Multiple slices were eaten. 8 to be exact. We went to Little Italy’s, Ben’s (seen in Louis C.K.’s Louie), Alligator Lounge (free personal pizza with $5 purchase!), and John’s. John’s was some of the best pizza I’ve eaten, ever. Maybe even the best. I’ve had pizza in Chicago, Italy, California, and St. Louis, so that’s saying a lot.

4. Knish from street vendor. 👎One bite, and I knew I was on a one-way street to Food Poisoning Town.

5. Soft serve, dipped, from street vendor. 🙌 I asked the ice cream man if I could have the chocolate and vanilla. He replied, “This is AMERICA, honey.” I will have inappropriate dreams about that cone.

6. Sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich at a diner. 👊

7. Smokeshack with fries at Shake Shack. 🙌👏🙏☝️👆👌👊 This was one good ass burger (although $6.25 was more than I wanted to pay for an itty bitty burger). However, it was quite possibly tops as far as burger chain burgers go. I’ve got a lot of love for the West Coast, but Shake Shack > In-N-Out. Easily.

8. Sesame pancake sandwich and dumplings at Vanessa’s Dumpling House in Chinatown. 👌Oh man. I had never had anything like that sandwich before. I’m still partial to the dumplings at my favorite dim sum spot back home, but these were solid dumplings nonetheless. A big thanks to our friend, Andy, for taking us here.

9. Venezuelan arepas at Caracas Arepa Bar. 👐 After stumbling into this place after drinks on the Lower East Side, I realized it was one of the restaurants featured on Throwdown with Bobby Flay. That episode made me crave a belly full of arepas. Arepas are very tasty. True to my Tumblr handle, though, I’d take a taco over an arepa on any given day. Plus, $8 per arepa was a bit steep, IMO.

10. The Woody Allen (pastrami and corned beef on rye), potato knish, and matzo ball soup at Carnegie Deli. ✊✌️👍👐☝️👏🙏🙌✋ Mani’s a big Woody Allen fan. He made me watch Broadway Danny Rose before the trip, which was filmed at this deli. This was my favorite meal of the trip, hands down. The sandwich was definitely priced for NYC ($24!), but it was so ridiculously huge, we had to split and eat it with a knife and fork. Even then, we could not finish this sandwich. I totally food coma-ed myself with this meal. I literally napped for 3 hours post-sandwich consumption.

Overall, NYC stacked up to be one of my all time favorite foodie adventures. We did not get around to trying cheesecake or exploring Little Italy, but there will be a next time. You can bet your sweet ass there will be a next time. 🍴


Been meaning to post this for awhile. 

I went to this place called The Iscreamist. I didn’t get a shot of the menu, but it was in the format of a periodic table and everything they served with liquid nitrogen.

We ordered dragon’s breath, which is pretty much skewered cookies and s'mores you dip into the liquid nitrogen. They had shakes too. 

Worth a try and it’s not expensive either. 

Sooo if you don't know about cloud bread it's time you should

if any of my followers here do low carb or no carb and are distressed because all gluten-free stuff is made of rice flour or things that spike your blood sugar excessively, you can now eat bread made only from eggs and milk. Yeah, it’s real.

It’s called cloud bread. Some people call it oopsie bread but that’s the dumbest fucking name ever, so we’re not going to call it that. Cloud bread makes it sound like a miracle, which it is. Basically egg + milk fat + cream of tartar = bread-like substance.

This is the recipe I use. (sans artificial sweetener. I also like to add a pinch of salt.)

It is not totally indistinguishable from real bread if you just take it out and try to butter it and eat it all by its lonesome, like toast. I guess its closest living relative would be an unflavored, extremely light and fluffy textured quiche filling.

But use it to make a sandwich and it really shines. It’s a nearly perfect duplicate of a brioche bun. Combined with some delicious sandwich ingredients it becomes pretty much unnoticeable as not-bread. Especially if you toast it for a couple seconds in a pan which gives it this really nice flaky crust and warms it up so that it’s basically perfect. Its one downside is that it’s rather delicate and easily flattened, being that it’s only a little fluffy cloud babby made mostly of eggs and air. So be gentle with it.

But I’ve been super happy about it. I have been gorging on sammiches for the past week yessss

Healthy tip of the day: When you get home from the grocery store, chop and store your fresh vegetables that you will be using for the next few days as soon as you can. I love to do this because when I know I have bell pepper strips, carrots, and broccoli already washed and cut up in the fridge, its easy to grab a handful of that instead of a handful of pita chips or something higher in calories. 

Also makes cooking easier because then you have most of your prep work already done! This works great for fast stir fry’s and salads.