The Truck is Out There

It’s begun. The FridaysSM Road Tour has officially hit the road, and we could be coming to your city. Fair warning. We’re going to new places, meeting new people, eating new grub and drinking new drinks, and we’re sharing it all with you. And we’ll be hand-delivering some of our handcrafted menu items. Sliders and a Peach Sangria, anyone? Follow us at to see when/if we’re rolling into your city.


Food truck movement reaches its natural conclusion with Starbucks trucks

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that the trucks are intended to increase the company’s visibility among the much-desired demographic of college students. Aramark, the food service provider that will operate the trucks, conducted a survey of its customers and found Starbucks was the most preferred brand of coffee. College kids also prefer fancy —” read expensive — coffee, with 47% of students wanting to buy their beans at a specialty coffee or espresso cafe. 

Where you’ll find the trucks Follow micdotcom


And on the eighth day God said, “Let there be bacon,” and there was bacon and it was incredibly delicious. This awesome vehicle is the Let There Be Bacon is food truck from Cleveland, Ohio. It serves bacon-themed cuisine, which probably means that it leaves a heavenly scent wherever it goes. That is, assuming your idea of heaven involves heaps of sizzling slices of bacon.

The truck is currently on the move, most recently spotted in Tucson, AZ and now on its way to Austin, TX. Follow Let There Be Bacon on Twitterto find out if the truck and all its smoky, meaty goodness is heading your way.

[via Let There Be Bacon and Geekosystem]