SpiderGwen/BatGirl: The CrossOver by FooRay

Hey Guys!

I Thought it was funny how big these two were getting lately in the fan art department. Ive seen a couple pieces of them together but I wanted to do one up that could have been a cover for a book of them together. I think it would be a fun read.

I’ll be at Rose City Comicon in Portland Oregon September 20-21 with @jeffrey cruz in artist alley. This here is gonna be one of the new prints I’ll have available this year at RCCC. hope to see you there!

Will be uploading more soon.


Well Its Turtle Day yall, Chamba and I saw the movie last night and we wanted to do this Homage image up to celebrate the new release. Its been 21 years since the last live action movie. So whatever your opinion of the movie we were excited to see them on the big screen again after over 2 decades. 

I’ll have to do a review at some point soon. but for the quicky review, the Turtles themselves are awesome!….The story itself I have a few issues with. BUT MAN!….Splinter was a fuggin G!

anyway I grew up on the turtles and theyve always meant Tons to me as theyre what started me drawing in the first place. SO this one is for my turtle bros.

I drew and colored Mikey and Raph. Jeff drew and colored Donnie and Leo.

I drew and flatted the background. and Jeff slapped some mean shades on that bitch.

hope ya dig it!