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100 Best Fonts of 2014

To close the big feature I made to the best fonts of 2014 here I bring you a big wall post of the 100 fonts in a form of a logotype, just as the designers have decided to display and promote their own typefaces. 

Check the big list below and click the name you want:

  1. Galano Grotesque by Rene Bieder
  2. Nexa Rust by Fontfabric
  3. Glober by Fontfabric
  4. Adorn by Laura Worthington
  5. Selfie by Lián Types
  6. Trend Rough by Latinotype
  7. Lulo Clean by Yellow Design Studio
  8. Harman by Ahmet Altun
  9. Brandon Printed by HVD Fonts
  10. Texta by Latinotype
  11. Campton by Rene Bieder
  12. Quickpen by Trial by Cupcakes
  13. Distillery by Sudtipos
  14. Eveleth by Yellow Design Studio
  15. Boucherie by Laura Worthington
  16. True North by Cultivated Mind
  17. Core Circus Rough by S-Core
  18. Signyard by Albatross
  19. Local Market by Cultivated Mind
  20. Ropa Soft Pro by lettersoup
  21. Stereotesque by Stereotypes
  22. Scripta Pro by John Moore Type Foundry
  23. Catalina by Kimmy Design
  24. Choplin by Rene Bieder
  25. Gist by Yellow Design Studio
  26. Microbrew by Albatross
  27. Festivo LC by Ahmet Altun
  28. Risotto Script by Calderón Estudio Type Foundry
  29. Westcoast Letters by Cultivated Mind
  30. Brix Sans by HVD Fonts
  31. Ilya FY by Fontyou
  32. Voltage by Laura Worthington
  33. Mariné by TipoType
  34. Estandar Rounded by Latinotype
  35. Libertad by TipoType
  36. Wonderhand by Martina Flor
  37. Courtesy Script Pro by Sudtipos
  38. Nautica by Resistenza
  39. Cereal by Andinistas
  40. Newcastle by FaceType
  41. Horizontes Script by Sudtipos
  42. Showcase by Lationtype
  43. Macarons by Lationtype
  44. Pinto by FaceType
  45. Garden by Los Andes
  46. Arquitecta by Latinotype
  47. Hollyhock by Angie Makes
  48. Australis Pro Swash
  49. Fantasy by Typesenses
  50. Bowling Script by Sudtipos
  51. Ridewell by Intelligent Design
  52. Gloriola by Suitcase Type Foundry
  53. Flirt Script by Positype
  54. Din Next Slab by Linotype
  55. Nanami Handmade by Thinkdust
  56. Elise by Context
  57. Uberschrift by FDI
  58. Emblema Headline by Corradine Fonts
  59. Suarez by GRIN3(Nowak)
  60. Abelina by Sudtipos
  61. Rufina by TipType
  62. Roper by Andrew Footit
  63. Factoria by Fort Foundry
  64. Adria Slab by FaceType
  65. Wollen by Magpie Paper Works
  66. Adagio Sans by Borutta
  67. Silver by Fenotype
  68. Aguda by Graviton
  69. Bookeyed Martin by Tart Workshop
  70. Darwing by Los Andes
  71. Industry Inc by Fort Foundry
  72. The Carpenter by Fenotype
  73. National Champion by Kyle Wayne Benson
  74. Larry by Fenotype
  75. XXII YeahScript by DoubleTwo
  76. Kansas Casual by Kyle Wayne Benson
  77. Ciao Bella by Cultivated Mind
  78. Amoretta by Tart Workshop
  79. Veronia by Cultivated Mind
  80. Naive Inline Sans by La Goupil Paris
  81. Accura Sans by dooType
  82. Sparhawk by Albatross
  83. In An Out by Fenotype
  84. Minimo by Ahmet Altun
  85. Powder Script by Fenotype
  86. Dream Script by Lián Types
  87. Sanelma by Mika Melvas
  88. Servus Slab by Dada Studio
  89. Dalle by Stawix
  90. Montague Script Bold by Stephen Rapp
  91. Gubia by Graviton
  92. Ganache by Laura Worthington
  93. Samui Script by Schizotype
  94. Predige by Type Dynamic
  95. Filson Pro by Mostardesign
  96. Logotype Frenzy by Decade Typefoundry
  97. Brilant Typeface
  98. King Bloser by Misprinted Type
  99. Tansy by Eurotype
  100. Lichtspielhaus Handmade by Typocalypse

Check the details of every font here: http://fontsoftheyear.com/

You can always check betype.co/fonts to see the daily new fonts or follow us on 

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