The fonts Arial, Helvetica, Georgia, Lucida and Verdana are all named for daughters of the woman who designed them, expert typographer Caroline Roman. The rights to all those fonts and more are now owned by her son, Times New.

True North Textures by Cultivated Mind (50% off)

True North is back but now in a distressed version and new styles! True North Textures is a vintage typeface with 18 fonts and a monoline script. True North Textures comes with distressed labels, extras and free banners. Extras include wild animals, catchwords, numbers, mountains, symbols, tools, leaves and trees.

True North Textures is a headline font with alternate capitals. Combine all 18 styles with the script, banners, labels and extras and you get a wonderful distressed vintage design

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The gorgeous font Port vintage is a didone like font with elegant swashes and all type of glyphs.

Add some real class to your typeface toolbox with the addition of Port Vintage. This high-end luxurious font is as elegant as it is diverse. Featuring 10 unique styles, Port Vintage includes Open-Type features such as alternates, swashes and ligatures, as well as sporting 480+ unique glyphs. Jump on this deal now and save 80% off the regular price.

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Happy hands project

Pauline is a graphic designer and calligraphy lover from Singapore and since she became mother of a little girl, she had the motivation to create something special. While first doing wall art she changed her style into handlettering. That is what she mad out of it, enjoy!

We can’t ignore the composition of the Unicode Consortium’s members, directors, and officers — the people who define the everyday writing systems of all languages across the globe.

It’s easy to look at all the Unicode characters that are already defined, especially if you don’t speak a particular language, and think that it’s already complete. But that’s precisely why it’s important to have people working on Unicode who do speak languages other than English and a few common European ones. This article in Model View Culture makes a lot of good points about how Unicode still doesn’t fully represent a global perspective. Here’s one of them:

Linguistically, East Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean have distinct writing systems. Some (but not all) of the characters trace their lineage back to a common set, but even these characters, known as Han characters, began to diverge and evolve independently over two thousand years ago.
The Unicode Consortium has launched a very controversial project known as Han Unification: an attempt to create a limited set of characters that will be shared by these so-called “CJK languages.” Instead of recognizing these languages as having their own writing systems that share some common ancestry, the Han unification process views them as mere variations on some “true” form.
To help English readers understand the absurdity of this premise, consider that the Latin alphabet (used by English) and the Cyrillic alphabet (used by Russian) are both derived from Greek. No native English speaker would ever think to try “Greco Unification” and consolidate the English, Russian, German, Swedish, Greek, and other European languages’ alphabets into a single alphabet. Even though many of the letters look similar to Latin characters used in English, nobody would try to use them interchangeably. ҭЋаt ωoulδ βε σutragєѳuѕ.
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Script fonts can turn an ordinary project into an extraordinary one. With this magnificent deal from the online collaborative font foundry FontYou, you’ll get your delicate fingers on 9 different script fonts - a total of 16 styles! Styles vary from punchy to classy, and each font comes with a variety of styles and features. Best of all, you can get the entire set at a discount of more than 90% if you act now. 

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