Marcianita - Latin pop rock 7” EP by Billy Cafaro. Artwork: José Bort Gutiérrez, aka Bort (Fontana Records, Spain, 1960) Marcianita was originally released in Cafaro’s native Argentina in 1959. Billy Cafaro is widely seen as the man who brought rock’n’roll to Spain.

About an hour ago (2:00AM pst, 3/30/2015), some scumbag assholes stole my friend’s car (which his dad bought him, and which he customized with his own two hands) from RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FUCKING HOUSE! If anyone in San Bernardino County, especially in the Southridge area of Fontana, has ANY information about this car, please contact (562) 441-6165 and say that I (Jerry) said to call if you saw anything.

Plates: 6PRU467

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Car’s been found! It was found all the way in MIRA LOMA! He managed to find it before they could strip it for parts. All they took were the rims and stereo. Thanks for spreading the word, though! Much appreciated!