Kirby was walking around the grassy levels of Colkie Country when he heard tiny small footsteps heading towards him. Upon looking where the footsteps came from, to his amazement he saw the tiny group of adorable mini Kirbys following a bright star. It was to no surpise that those are the Kirbys from Kirby Mass Attack.

“Aww, you are all adorable, poyo! Welcome to Kirby’s Return to Dream Land!

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[He tilts his head again. You're confusing the poor guy with your big fancy words! Fortunately, while he mulls that over for a while, yet another one of them steps forward to explain.]

Weeell, we all used to be one big Kirby! But then this mean guy called Necrodeus came while we were taking a nap and he broke us apart! He nearly beat us all, too, but one of us got away just in time!

[They all shudder at the thought.]

Necrodeus? I recall him. He was a rather peculiar and odd being. Nothing to be worried about, however.

For what reason did he split you?

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*the Kirbys continue to beat on the (ex-)witch for a while until the heroic heart takes some pity on her and leads them off* *also what abilities all you can do is sketch*

*After what seems like forever, the lil puff balls finally got off of her. she let out a groan of pain and frustration as she laid there. This is not her day*

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*they glance at each other for a moment, then in unison leap onto her now-considerably-smaller body*


GET OFF!!!!!

*She topple over when all  the small kibys decided to mob her. Too bad like this she don’t have her usual powers instead of these pokemon abilities. When she turn back to normal they are so dead.*

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[Naw, he's like a little kid, he doesn't know any better! As the heroic heart finally sees fit to drag him back into the group, the seemingly more rational one smiles earnestly.]

Oh, I'm Kirby! And so's he, and him, and him...

[He continues on, pointing to each of his 'brethren' in turn.] We're all Kirby.

I see…. A hiveminded being? Or did you all have someone very uncreative name you?

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[While the 'lead' Kirby just jumps on the spot and pulls on your skirt again (bad Kirby, don't you know that's incredibly rude?), giving another 'poyo' in apparent affirmation, another one breaks from the little squishy cloud and approaches you.]

Who are you?

(Either that Kirby just really wanted attention, or it was one that she would have considered bedding in a more bipedal form.)

A name for a name. Go first, and perhaps I’ll tell you mine.

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[They tilt their heads one after another, but their gazes remain fixed on you. One walks up to you and tugs lightly at... whatever is presently covering your legs.]


(There’s not much but the tip of a red skirt front that the little Kirbies can tug on.)


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[What's this? It seems a small mob of green-splattered puffballs are following you, staring inquisitively with their big blue eyes. Where did they come from? What do they want? Who even knows anymore.

Either way, whatcha gonna do?]

(Well now… This was unexpected. QB blinked at them, wondering what they were or why they were there. They must have been a hiveminded creature, to her knowledge, for it was rare that an entire herd of something would come straight up to her.)

…Can I help you?