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One of these is “the USSR’s top agent” and the other is a dominatrix eager to play games with a consenting adult.  Hint: The more intimidating one is the dominatrix.

Maybe it’s all my art classes drawing attention to things like color palette, composition, etc.  But shouldn’t these be wildly different looking? At least in levels of sexualization?  Sure Ally is showing more skin, but her clothes are at least plausible and not painted on.

- wincenworks

I don’t follow your question, friend… I mean, why WOULDN’T a spy-thriller story advertise itself with a cover deceivingly similar to a literal BDSM romance story? It’s so not like they’re completely unrelated genres, right?


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Just an ask, but I am trying to 'start' the comic, is there like, a definite starting point? I've read some and they are SO GOOD oh my gosh and I just wanna read them all in order. Any help or suggestions?

Yes there is! depending on which comic you are referring to. here is a quick guild!

The Comic is tagged with all of the parts in order with the most recent on top for easy access. The first part page of the posts from the comic can be found here

The What if comics are one-shot comics or places where I post the parts of the side aus as well as in the extras, that have to tie into what would happen if, or what would so-and-so look like if sorts of things.

AUs are side stories that I have thought of after jokes or situations or are M!A i have received and have worked into my posting schedule. 

This I update every now and again, it includes info about the blog, the FAQ, where else to contact me, and a short about me in case you are curious about how/why I am doing this silly little blog.

If you have any other questions, just ask, I’m sure I’ll have an aswer for you! and as I tell everyone, My ask box is always open! ^^

~ Lovely Lady Artist

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A random question for you, sir: From time to time when I'm drinking whiskey with a cork in the top as opposed to a cap small pieces of cork seem to find their way in to the whiskey and then I have to try and fish them out of the glass with a spoon. Has this ever happened to you? Any advice on how to make this not happen?

Oh lord, this question is almost as dangerous to answer as what is bourbon by definition. For me though, a bit of cork in my drink has never spoiled it. How to prevent it? The best way I’ve found is to let the inside neck of the bottle dry and the cork dry out a bit before putting the cap back on. 

That being said, most of my bottles don’t last long enough for the cork to begin falling apart. Though I’ve had a few. But if you really hate bits of cork in your whiskey, you can find synthetic cork stoppers & tops from many local well stocked drink stores or click here to order some online, they won’t break apart and are cheap enough to order by the dozen. 

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Crimson Red hair, with a full fringe the went down her collar bones. Every part of her was defined: large, galaxy like eyes, thin but strong fingers and a cupids bow mouth. She had heavy symmetrical winged eyeliner. So sharp it look like it was tattooed onto her eyelids. Her lips where small but her smile was big and comforting. Sorry if this was creepy, you reblogged that author thing and you're really cute >.>



Today’s Playoff Ticket Scavenger Hunt takes place on multiple social channels. Full details are on our Facebook page, but you can get a step closer to winning a pair of tickets for Game 2 of the Warriors-Grizzlies series by answering the following question:

The Warriors set a franchise record for the team’s longest winning streak during this past regular season. How many consecutive games did the Warriors win during that streak?

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There were no instructions, so I’m assuming I just have to answer the following questions:

Why did you choose your url? I honestly chose this url because I’m a piece of uncreative trash & I literally couldn’t come up with anything else that would let people know what kind of blog I am.

What is your middle name? I actually have 2: Nycole D’Lynn (Pronounced “Da Lynn” not “Dylan”)

If you could own a fairytale / fictional pet, what would it be? I have no idea.

Favourite colour? 
Purple & Pink.

Favourite song? I swear this changes every week, but right now I’d have to say Cola by Toro y Moi. 

What are your top five fandoms? I don’t really associate myself with any - I’m just kind of here.

Why do you enjoy tumblr? It’s just something to do in my free time (which I have way too much of). I mainly enjoy it because sometimes my followers/mutuals will interact with me and I love talking to them.

Tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes: 

In order: ahegoddess, haikyuu-reacts, potatopastry, kamerlort, anime-i-cant, ib-the-red-rose, rxality, internet-safe, & mychemicabromance

You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to! 

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are you comfortable with other sugilites following you? [i'm questioning but i still want to make sure it's totally okay] if not i can totally unfollow!

YEA i’d actually rlly love to meet other sugilites hahha ..

Hello Everyone! It’s your favorite dog here! 

So a lot of you liked our ask regarding whether or not we should make a plots page so it’s easy for you to request specific plots. *Cracks knuckles* I have heard your requests and made a plots sideblog (for us, it’s easy to manage and track) for any one of you who really want drama and plots going! The app is really simple– only 4 questions! Follow our plot page here! (: 

I’ll be fixing the mobile theme soon! 

– Jake

etsy find of the day | CURATION REQUEST 1 | 1.29.14

requested by: calirogue
looking for: gilded items under $50

calirogue fell in love with ‘gilded’ items after this bowl post on EFOTD. i must say, girly … you know how to pick 'em! i also love gilded things, so this curation request was super fun for me to do!

first, check out what’s already been listed on etsyfindoftheday:

  • 'gilded’ posts here
  • 'gold’ posts here

next, check out these items found especially for this curation – all under $50 USD:

  • 'wanderlust’ foil map print by misspoppydesign (featured)
  • gold-speckled clay ring bowl by annkaydesign
  • even more from theobjectenthusiast
  • there are many gilded porcelain options at madebymanos
  • a gilded tassel garland from studiomucci
  • a sparkly sequined pillow cover by pillow1
  • alchemy lollipops from thegroovybaker have real edible gold flakes!
  • a gold sequined initial for your desk or dresser
  • a pair of gold 'n sparkly earrings or other jewelry piece from one of my fave shops, tinygalaxies
  • a zag dish or gold point vessel from upintheairsomewhere
  • gold chevron + kraft giftwrap by papernestbylesa
  • some sweet gold + tile coasters from thecoastal – MANY options
  • 'cheers’ gold glitter banner at confettidesignshop
  • pinktwig’s shiny gold-dipped arrow pendant
  • a floating gemstone ring by kristinelily
  • or this SUPER RAD golden palm leather clutch from kertis, on sale for $50!

so, i’m gonna be completely honest here … i have 46 pages of 'gold’ etsy likes in my etsy profile. FORTY SIX PAGES. that’s … a little nuts. can you tell i heart gold? :)

i hope this was a good start (and not too overwhelming for you!) – let me know if you end up getting anything special!


etsy find of the day | CURATION REQUEST 3 | 1.29.14

requested by: anonymous
looking for: shops selling boho crystal/geode/agate rings

anon, you have come to the ultimate lover of all things boho and geode. srsly :) i have several shops that come to might right away!! let me know if you end up purchasing anything <3

  • luxdivine (featured) has several ring options (and GREAT boho jewelry in general)
  • gossamerandviolet sells many options of geode slice rings in tons of fun colors
  • one of my former shop features, mineralogydesign, has some beautiful rings to choose from
  • i love ohkuol’s druzy jewelry so much, i own two pairs of their earrings! their ring options are SUPER sparkly.
  • freaking love the varied agate, druzy and geode rings at amulettejewelry
  • take a look at the incredible geode rings at anatomi and try not to fall in love :)
  • find all kinds of crystal and druzy beauties at amandaleilanidesigns
  • skyejuice’s agate and geode rings have an earthy quality
  • and gsgjewelry has quite a few smaller and more feminine options

thanks for the fun curation request, anon!!



etsy find of the day | CURATION BLITZ 3 | 1.24.14

requested by: pathtoparadise
looking for: a cool new iphone 5s case - unique, maybe with pressed flowers?

FEATURED: annysworkshop. freaking LOVE all these bright and colorful pressed flower options!! <3

other shops selling pressed flower phone cases:

you can also take a look at the phone cases i’ve featured already on EFOTD here. other personal faves:

  • toncase has a TON of cases … hence the name. i love the wood-look ones and this supercolorful floral option. oh, and this neon chartreuse chevron one. and this psychedelic galaxy one.
  • isolatecase - i heart their preppy yet hip personalized case
  • love this glittery gold number at ledazzlecouture
  • also, this hipster arrow case by pencilshavingsstudio
  • rainbow chevrons and minty chevrons

need more ideas? let me know.