The Syrian opposition has become  recruited by the U.S. military. In fact the United States has no interests in Syria itself. There is a  way that the United States could get what it wants in Syria — and, ultimately, in Iraq as well — without sending in U.S. forces: by building a new Syrian opposition army capable of defeating both President Bashar al-Assad and the more militant Islamists. The United States has pulled off similar operations before and could probably do so again, and at far lower cost than what it has spent in Afghanistan and Iraq. Considering the extent to which the Iraqi and Syrian civil wars have become entwined, such a strategy would help secure U.S. interests throughout the Middle East but at the same time to destabilize the situation there.

Detected: Combat-Maid-Vivit

The top of the Island, upon the Balcony. Quote had been brought back by Balrog to visit the Mimiga village and help with rebuilding. Things had been awfully hard on them with the loss of King and Toroko, not to mention the many who’d been subjected to the Red Flowers. Poor Jack needed all the help he could get keeping things together.

Either way, it’d been a nice visit. Unfortunately, the Booster 2.0 wouldn’t be nearly enough to give him a safe passage back to the surface, so he had to wait for the big bento bot to pick him up.


Warning. Warning. Non-specified subject inbound.

…Eh? That’s… But nobody else was supposed to be arriving today, were they?

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