As vezes até surge uma pessoa que faz brilharem os teus olhos. Mas pra ti, não é suficiente. Tu preferes aquela que faz sangrar o teu coração. Por que? O amor é um tipo de masoquismo. Masoquismo consentido, feito de livre e espontânea vontade, porém sem nunca levar à morte. Antes a morte! A preferia a este limbo ao qual acostumei-me a chamar de lar.

 - Marianna Rodrigues (via

Fun at Home - Work Drinks

I’ve just started my job in a shop for the summer, when I hear my Uni friend Nile is in town, he has a very youthful outlook on the world (the brain of a twelve year old) kinda kid who when he got mugged he questioned the mugger for picking up the spare change, resulting in a beating, but he’s a good kid and usually fun. So I invite him out to a real nice cocktail bar, he’s a slightly awkward at first, but he loves a drink.

This is a real high end bar, kinda like being inside a sauna with all its wooden panels and muggy heat, we get suited up for it, but by the end we are complete wrecks, bottles of wine, cocktails, over a hundred pounds gone on drinks. 
So they pay up and get outta the joint, picking up about forty pounds worth of take away Chinese on the way home, but as soon as they get it, just start running, run all the way home, Nile’s gone, so Will just starts going at the Chinese, eats about twenty pounds worth, then passes out. 
8am Will wakes up, still a bit drunk.  Fuck. Work. Goes and makes himself sick, hopes that will straighten him out, gets out of his suit and back to bed. 
10am gotta leave for work, still puking, it can’t just be the drink, not been this bad from drinking (probably have) surely it’s that sonofabitch Chinese, gotta do it, gotta call work, fifteen minutes before the shift, third day into the job and say I can’t make it. 

The next two days are spent on the bathroom floor, naked sending Will Young videos to Leo.

Artist: @andreart_tattoo

Definitely Art Clothing Store.

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