this has been a long time coming. i’ve been here just under a month and I just want to shout out to all of my follower, you are all A M A Z I N G. Seriously, thank you all for your messages and support and just. being so phenomenally inclusive, accepting, amazing and so devastatingly creative. this is just a small shoutout to those remarkable, extremely talented individuals whom constantly feed my muse, and with whom it is a pleasure and a privilege to write with. and to all my followers, you are all full of boundless talent and i appreciate every single one of you. thank you so much !!!

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wooo 400 followers!

so i just hit 400 followers! whut whut

thanks too all of you, you are all the most amazing followers ever and im so lucky to have you guys, feel free to message me anytime, with questions or if you just want to chat because im always up for talking xx

ok i love you all so much and you are the best <3