15000 + Tumblr Followers!

The Fallout 4 trailer drops AND we break the elusive 15K mark? Hot dog, people. Hot. Dog.

Thanks again for following us and boosting us and just being overall great human beings. I know this is a long, slow process, and we really appreciate how patient and supportive you’ve all been. 

Also, those 50s flashbacks in the Fallout trailer have got me so excited about what we’re doing. (Even more so than usual).

the final assignment in my web graphics class was to create a website on whatever we wanted so i did my site on my very favorite person in the world, kate bush. this is a gif of kate for my website i made it with the mouse on flash :’)

Caitlyn Jenner’s reveal has done a good job uncovering which people I follow are transphobic as fuck and it’s been a great way to get the trash off my dash
I also have another amazing woman to add to my queen tag 😍😍😍
Honestly I’m so happy for her

So somehow this piece of trash blog has reached 500 followers! Thank you guys so much!

To celebrate, I’ve decided to do a follow forever. However this time round I’ve done it for mutuals only - next time I’ll probably do more!

I’m just gonna warn you guys now that this is probably gonna be pretty long because I couldn’t pick only a select few people! So here goes:


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