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(3/26/15, 4:08pm )

(it’s about time I updated the comic, then doodle some more silly doodles~ :P ) 


My thumbnail looks as lame as it can possibly get

Ask meme !
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warning: I have a fat face and it bothers me a lot and i move my hands a lot ((:
I’m losing weight in my face right now so it should be gone soon but I’m like super insecure about it…. ALSO LOOK AT MY BATHROOM

Second warning: I curse like a sailor.

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peeves mickeyandmandy stagmania iandebbie stopfrank2k15 iangallagh3r
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I’m rewatching Charmed and I feel like doing positive blogrates

  • mbf me
  • send me an ask with a book/tv show/bellarke video song rec
  • reblog this post
  • blacklist sara does blogrates if you don’t want to see these
  • i’m going to be doing these for one ep so they end in an hour! (22:40 for me, which google tells me is 17:40 eastern time)

They’ll look like this:

  • icon: pretty | gorgeous | amazing | HOW?
  • url: nice | excellent | perfect | WHO DID YOU KILL?
  • posts: adorable | cute | awesome | GIVE ME THAT PASSWORD
  • theme: good | shiny | wow | I WILL STEAL IT FROM YOU
  • overall: great | wonderful | flawless | THE PERFECTION TAKE IT AWAY
  • following: not right now, sorry | i am now | of course | I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU

so  n o  m o r e  farewell kisses.
                                                               (requested by mvlans)


NEW VIDEO: “Ruthless in the Womb - as always, I’ll be checking out people who reblog! Thanks for hanging out with me for a few minutes today! :] 

things the Signs should probably stop doing (#1)

Aries: stop doing everything so hastily like there’s no tomorrow, no time to waste. sometimes patience can help you win

Taurus: stop hoarding things just because they remind you of something important

Gemini: stop using your talent with words to mislead others, you can do better

Cancer: stop holding on. let go of the grudge, you can’t please everyone

Leo: stop trying to be an overachiever at all costs. you don’t really have to prove yourself

Virgo: stop being your worst enemy. perfection is impossible. enjoy your triumphs

Libra: stop lying to prevent someone from getting hurt. hiding the truth can be even more damaging

Scorpio: stop trying so hard to be in control, and instead realize not everyone wants to betray you

Sagittarius: stop running away. commitment doesn’t have to be boring

Capricorn: stop repressing your desires. you don’t have to look composed all the time, you’re not going to embarrass yourself

Aquarius: stop trying to clarify everything. some things don’t have a rational explanation (yes I’m talking about emotions!)

Pisces: stop being everything to everyone. you’ll lose yourself in the process of trying to save the whole world

i literally dont have a life so i spent like an hour compiling this masterpost of useful posts/websites i’ve found over the time that i started bookmarking these things. i did find a lot all of these on tumblr and stumbleupon so nice.

shit about writing

shit about books

shit about photoshop

shit about computers

shit about education

shit about self improvement

shit about if you’re feeling down or sick

shit about career planning

shit about music

…I have no excuse for this. Well… okay, I do, it’s for doctorwho's Adipose contest.  So yeah, mainly as an excuse to not only not work on my paper but also to just have a reason to draw one of these guys.  

A quick kind of experiment I think. :)