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  • Back To School is an art folio featuring several of your favorite characters, in a anime school-like setting.
  • Character’s currently set to feature are the Mane 6. 30 Preorders will include the CMC Students inclusion. 60 Pre-orders, and the Royal Sisters will be joining, as Professors of Equestria High.
  • Only $10 to Pre-Order. Price will go up on the 15th.
  • Current release date for this project is the 15th.

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Something a bit different for me. I did this for EY Cryptic Campus - this poster includes 20 clues related to the University of Edinburgh. 10 artists from the Folio agency roster were invited to participate to create 20 posters for 20 institutions.

It was messy and it was fun. I had watched Bojack Horseman fairly recently, so you get a bunch of animal people mixed in with people people. Thanks, lisahanawalt!

See the entire series of posters by various illustrators on Folio’s Behance

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the theme includes: High-Res Posts, Localisation, Square title effect, Social media icons, scroll down, pagination, colour options, font options and tons of more features!

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The Codex Borgia (Codex Yoalli Ehēcatl). Mictlantecuhtli & Quetzalcoatl. 1898. 

Mictlantecuhtli (left), god of death, lord of the underworld, and Quetzalcoatl (right), god of wisdom, life, knowledge, morning star, patron of the winds and light, the lord of the West. Together they symbolize life and death in this Aztec ritual and divinatory manuscript written before the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

Equestria:Warzone - Empress Celestia Fire Avatar

March Patreon Folio 3/3 - Celestia

“I will applaud you for one thing though. You have made me angry. Precious few have managed that, and even less lived to tell the tale. I will let you carry that privilege to the hell I’m going to send you to.”

The Sun Princess has never had the heart of a warrior. Unlike her sister, she is a calm and collected soul, whose sole drive in life was the well-being of her subjects. However, she is not a stranger to the notion of anger and when her favored ones are on the line, the image of the benevolent ruler quickly transforms into that of a furious deity of fire and brimstone.


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