»—————-M u s e   O f   T h e   M o n t h—————->

This month we focus on Irish sculptor Kevin Francis Gray.

Gray’s neoclassicist-inspired sculptures are beautifully minimalist; yet never lacking in the depth department.  His sculptures possess a ‘hidden in plain sight’ quality that make them immediately intoxicating.

Most of his work is created with leather, bronze, marble or fiberglass resin (all of which we find divinely delectable) in a palette of stunning white, black, grey, brown, and gold. 

His subject, the human form, often features shrouded figures…which may or may not have inspired some face-less shots in our own spread this past weekend.

Gray attends to the detail and subtlety of the drapery that contain his figures, with a fluidity that only his chosen mediums can portray.

It’s the shocking element, ie:the track marks from ghost girl, & her hidden facial skull (image 3+4 in the spread above), which is the aforementioned perceived ’hidden’ element (not immediately blatant)  that quickly reeled us in.

His work exudes a familiarity and universality that is at once haunting, and amazingly captivating.  

Keep doing what you’re doing, and if could you please, do it here in Aus sometime soon?

^   ^   ^


»—————-M u s e   O f   T h e   M o n t h—————->

Hands down our favourite model to grace the pages of anything, ever; Danish beauty & July’s Muse of the Month ; Helena Christensen reminds us why she has been our long time obsession, and proves sexy is utterly ageless, with her most recent spread in Elle Espana (some images sprinkled in the spread above)-

Helena is a freak of nature, and we simply can’t get enough; especially when she’s teamed up with the supernatural eye of Xavi Gordo in producing images that leave us boggled as to what the 40’s are actually supposed to look like…

We massively <3 you HC!!  

You make growing older look exciting,

& hot-as-hell.

^   ^   ^


»———Muse of the Month——->

That OTHER Olsen sister. 

Isn’t she just DIVVVVINE???

Wait, what? There’s another one? 

Yup, and it’s the first & second photo in our spread that will be plucked for make-up+hair inspo, for our SS14 shoot. 

«wide eyed, flawless & funkyfresh. like all good little olsens should be»

From her Mui Mui campagn, to major motion pictures like Avengers, Godzilla, and critically acclaimed Marth Marcy May Marlene, California born Elizabeth Olsen, is the bees.

^   ^   ^