i'm it

good evening, my dear folks.

i was tagged by both lilliangraceful and foggybluesky, both of whom are fantastic and should be followed by yourself.

the deal is ten things about yours truly, so here goes.

1.  i am very proud of mattie ross for just shooting tom cheney.  she’s my kind of girl.

2.  i forgot what i was going to say.

3.  i miss my horses.

4.  sometimes i just really want to be a cowboy.

5.  i dearly love english literature, culture, and the like.  but my heart is truly set in the american west.  i would not wish to live permanently anywhere but here.

6.  i always have and forever will be in love with westerns.

7.  i am watching true grit, in case you can’t tell.

8.  i think i’m hungry.

9.  i may read the virginian again, after i finish marlfox and looking for alaska.


forgive me for i am not acting myself

but these bees in my breathe have to come out

well you give me no reason to doubt
your word,

but i still somehow still have my reasons

i’m sorry i don’t mean to scare you at all

i’m just trying to drain all this bad blood