People out here say because “they don’t see protest movement”; “Why no one protests about black on black crime”? Just ‘cause you don’t see it, just ‘cause you choose to ignore it, don’t mean it don’t exist. There’s an organization for black struggle, they out here. Amnesty Internationals are out here. Dream Defenders are out here. Advancement Project is out here. Black Youth Project is out here…

Talib Kweli on CNN

Support these organizations and #Ferguson

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[Fancam] Kara at Comeback stage (Hara focus)

Snapshot - Focusing right before a 335 bench PR with my Father

I haven’t truly trained with my father in a few years but he’s been with me to support me throughout my journey. From being happy with 95lbs to hitting 335lbs tonight, he’s made it all possible by showing me the value of hard work and persistence. We may not be “big” but we sure do know how to persevere.

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I have ADD and it's giving me a lot of problems with my boyfriend, he thinks that I get distracted when he talks because I don't give a shit about what he says but I really do. I need help, should I take medication?

I think you need to decide if medication will help you with your difficulties and I think you need to explain ADHD to your boyfriend. I can understand why he would feel that way, but at the same time if he really understood what ADHD is, he would know that you don’t have control over being distracted.


Followers, what is your advice?

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Hey, Can you give some tips for staying motivated, staying focused, and procrastination? I'm also really scared about this school year because i'm taking AP classes :(.


  • Set your computer or phone’s background to something inspiring
  • Make a motivational board with all of the things that motivate/inspire you to succeed and place it near your workspace
  • Daydream about the kind of life you want to live/your dream job/etc
  • Write down your goals
  • Talk about your goals and aspirations with someone (it helps if it’s someone who’s got goals and aspirations of their own)
  • Make to-do lists and check things off as you go


  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep
  • Study at a time of day when you feel most productive
  • Eat brain food (blueberries, salmon, nuts & seeds, avocado, whole grains). Your health can have a major impact on your concentration levels. Similarly, eating unhealthy foods can make you feel slow/sluggish
  • Try to get yourself into a ‘zone’ for studying where you mentally block out all distractions. For me this means making sure my workspace isn’t cluttered before I start, putting on comfy clothes, and listening to music (classical usually) through headphones
  • Refrain from using your phone or straying and using your computer for things that aren’t work-related. Use your study breaks for that! If it helps, you can set a timer and only take a break when it goes off.
  • Also phone/computer-related: if you’re someone who compulsively reaches for their phone every time they hear it ring or vibrate or just has to check their facebook messages when they hear the alert— set those things to silent! Whatever it is, it probably doesn’t need an immediate response and your work is the top priority.


  • Schedule your study-time as though it’s your job. You can’t just skip a shift at work or there will be consequences, treat studying the same way
  • Tell yourself you’re going to study for 15 minutes. Just 15 minutes, anyone can manage that. When the 15 minutes are up, if you still want to stop you can stop—most of the time you’ll be into your studying so you’ll feel like you can keep going, or you’ll figure “might as well study a little longer to make it count”
  • Set an alarm for when you’re supposed to study. Every snooze that goes by will be a nagging reminder of the time you’re spending procrastinating
  • Check out apps like Cold Turkey for Windows or Selfcontrol for Mac that block distracting websites for a certain period of time

Good luck with your AP classes! I’m sure you’re gonna be awesome :)