Dis one is foah mah bitches wit da fat ass in da fucken cluh I seh whea mah fat ass big bitchez in da cluh fuck da skinny bitchez fuck da skinny bitchez in the cluh I wanna see olla big fat ass bitchez in da muthafuckin club fuck you if you skinny bitchez wat KYUH.

that was all from memory, btDUBz.

Ada Foah

The ocean comes to meet the river, not you, though you hold the tide in your heart like it came just to wash the sand off your feet.

Don’t touch me – you are dirty, lying in the dune grass with your orange vodka like a flashlight in your hands and I am crying because fuck you, you made me like this and I am cold and I am cold and I guess there’s something wrong with me after all.

You told me once how to see in the dark – hold my hand, cross your heart, take a minute and walk across a bed of thistles in a quest for more alcohol and I whisper kolom in your ear, but nothing spoken in your ear will ever reach your heart. 

vindiciam said:

1, 5, 10, 13

1: Goals or desires in life?

To make a difference for the bettah, without anyone getting hurt or suffering ~

5: Long hair on a guy, yes or no?

Yes - Guys can pull it off to.

10: Pet peeves?

When someone is mean to somebody else, foah no reason ~

13: Who could you not live without?

Fang  ~