It’s no secret that One Direction’s music has been embracing rock influences more and more with each album release. And now the guys are diving even deeper into that world on their fifth album, which they are currently working on.

When Liam Payne called into Capital FM in the U.K. on Monday (April 27), he opened up a bit about what fans will hear on this latest album release, the group’s first since Zayn Malik left the band in March.

“The albums coming together really well actually. The boys we’ve been writing with have come up with some great, great songs that are kind of like a bit Oasis-y almost which is ace,” he shared. “I love that.”

The group first teased they were working on new music on social media in mid-April. The band’s fifth album release is expected to be released later this year. And they are aiming to make something that can be played for generations to come.

“The songs have come out a bit more chill because I think we want this to be quite a long-lasting album that you can listen to anytime,” Payne said. “You like how Ed [Sheeran’]s album, anytime you can thrown on an Ed song and it can always make sense. We’re trying to do that.”

Eu gostava tanto de você. De seu jeito de falar manso. Da maneira como as palavras que saíam da sua boca dançavam alucinadas no meu ouvido. Da forma como as suas mãos sempre quentes tocavam o meu corpo. Do seu olhar que me arrepiava por dentro e por fora. E que fazia com que com que eu me sentisse a pessoa mais especial do universo inteirinho. Era isso: Você fazia com que eu me sentisse diferente de todas as outras.
—  Clarissa Corrêa.
Por que, para início de conversa, você não diz realmente o que sente? Seus sentimentos têm valor, sabia?
—  Megan Cabot.

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What video is that from of those 4 calum gifs and you tagged them holy shit? Sorry if that isn't clear enough or if you doesn't make sense at all I just really wanna see it. Thanks Tara :)

It’s a capital fm video but idk which one off the top of my head! I’d ask the person who made it :)


The setting is as natural as possible, and that’s the real place as opposed to an artificial movie set so in that way it was the style we were working from. But then we take artistic license in altering things to convey more what it would feel like at that time, using music that gives the emotional quality that I wanted the scene to have as opposed to what actually might be the song [from that period]. A combination to create the impression of what it might have been like. - Sofia Coppola

Uma saudade e uma urgência daquilo que nunca se teve, mas era como se já tivesse tido antes. Foi amor. É amor.
—  Tati Bernardi.

Destroy Bullying Destroys: A new movement by T101


To raise awareness that bullying holds a large presence in today’s society.


Bullying is still a major issue in society, especially amongst youths. It destroys lives and resultantly society as a whole and needs to be mitigated, if not eradicated. Touch-and-go methods are no longer effective, and we should look to not just inform, but to act as well. As cyber-bullies are able to remain anonymous, they don’t fear the consequences; they attack more brazenly, knowing that they cannot be identified immediately.

In this age of technology, more people from young to old are increasingly connected via social media. This increases the risk of being bullied online and will negatively affect them. As such, action has to be taken to prevent all forms of bullying from becoming more widespread. Bullying is the weed that infests our gardens, and the children our seeds. For us to grow collectively as a community, to advance as a society, we must rid ourselves of these pests that hinder it; regardless of scale, and no matter what form it chooses to manifest in, bullying can only be detrimental to our society.

Social Media Platforms

We will be uploading our video on youtube and sharing the video on various social media platforms which are commonly used by teenagers nowadays.


Consists of flashbacks to when the protagonist got bullied in real life and on cyberspace followed by which he becomes ‘empty’, before he walks to a window, leaving his fate to the viewers’ imagination. Every time the main character flashes back to when he was bullied, the words that were used against him appears on his body. The video ends with a blacked-out screen that says, “Take Action Before its Too Late.”

Você pode dizer que depois de um amor vem outro amor. Que o tempo tudo cura. Que ninguém morre de amor. Que um dia eu esqueço. Que um dia eu não lembro. Que um dia eu deleto. Eu posso te dizer que não acredito em nada disso. Eu sou romântica.
—  Clarissa Corrêa.

In ‘The Breakfast Club,’ I played the Simple Minds song three times, with three mixes — the demo, an instrumental and a vocal mix at the end,“ he said. "You had a raw sound on the demo, then it went into a finished instrumental track and then we played it at the end. People get used to music by hearing it repetitively. You play it three times, so by the end of the movie they will get it. And it was a hit, which was really fun for me — to make a hit of a band, that I gave a platform to a band that didn’t have one before. - John Hughes